#TBT: Ten Years Ago

Who would have thought that we could reach ten years of our relationship knowing that we came from two different worlds yet we get along very well despite of imperfections we have. This photo is my entry for Throwback Thursday on Facebook. I did not realize that it has been over ten years since me and my husband met until I saw this photo. This was taken during his first visit to the Philippines to see me 2004. With him is my then 4 years old sister.

This was also the day I turned 21 and the day he got on his knees to propose for marriage. I will never forget that day in my life. It was so significant and my first momentous event ever took place in my life. We will be celebrating our ten years of marriage on October. I am excited, I got a lot of unspoken words I need to write so that he will be able to know my thoughts and how I feel towards about our years of togetherness for a decade!

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Modern Internet Technology For Religious Ministers

The internet is a very powerful tool that can be used to spread religious ideas and beliefs. Smart ministers and preachers now use all of the available internet based resources to reach out to a large audience of loyal followers. There has never been an easier way to spread God’s word to the masses. First and foremost, a church congregation or leader needs to register a domain name and then launch a personal website. Such a site usually has an array of useful features that connect a church with its actual leaders and other people from very far away. Ed Young Jr. is an example of a minister that uses the internet to deliver his message on the Christian faith.

Live broadcasts of weekly services can be shown on a website. Such a show can be streamed in real time through the internet. A local church member that is sick can virtually attend such a service. Similarly, an elderly person that can no longer go to Sunday service can stay at home and watch the local minister preach live. All of the services and other presentations by a minister are usually archived in an online section that may feature hundreds of different videos. These videos can even be downloaded and viewed offline at the convenience of a viewer.

Multimedia technology is also used wisely by Christian ministers these days. For example, audio files of a service or sermon can be enjoyed by loyal followers. Such files can be played back through MP3 players when on the go. Additionally, audio recordings of preaching and other services can be played live through local digital radio channels that are accessible through the internet only.

Modern Christian ministers also publish weekly newsletters that are delivered directly to the email boxes of fellow subscribers. These publications feature new information that cover various issues of life from a Christian perspective. Newsletters can also be delivered to followers via mobile apps for smart phones and tablet devices. Such gadget users can receive notifications and alerts when a local minister publishes something new on a website.

Another innovative way to preach online is to launch social media campaigns. Ministers can record their own digital “TV” shows that can be broadcast on a personal website or posted on a social media website. Such shows usually feature a formal interview between a minister and other key figures in the local religious and political community. Modern technology savvy ministers also publish their own blogs that feature daily articles on a variety of topics that don’t necessarily relate to faith all of the time. For example, a minister or church leader can comment on recent events that are shown in the news such as political elections, war, terror and sports.

Faithful followers of a church or particular minister are encouraged to join an online virtual community that includes forums and chat rooms. Such outlets allow people with the same religious views to discuss anything. Online communities also allow for sharing inspirational stories that are related to one’s faith. Additionally, a church’s website can also provide resources for community services such as private schools, child care centers, physicians and much more. Young people can also find dates and potential spouses when signing up at Christian websites that feature an array of helpful resources.

I Trusted God with My Future

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Looking back 10 years ago or so, I was one lonely girl who wanted nothing but marry an American. I wanted to be a mother, to be a wife and build a family. Sounds pretty easy for some but finding the right person definitely the hardest part. I was determined and did not give up.

I remember, I had to sacrifice not eating my snacks in school (sucking up my own saliva watching my classmates having their cold coke and bread), walk from home to school so I could save up some money for my long chats every Saturday and took advantage of the free internet hour at a school computer lab. If I go to internet cafes, it cost me $25 with webcam. Back then, I had no job, I was a full-time college student, my parents didn’t give me extra for chats so I really had to save my own money so that I can have something to use for chats. 25 pesos an hour was pretty expensive for me. I joined several online dating sites, met countless men in person from all over the world, got heart-broken three times, waited 4 years before I met my ex-fiance (now my husband).

I still remember vividly when I came home every after chat from the internet cafe and didn’t have a good chat, I would sob myself to tears and just feeling I was in the dark. I even questioned God if I could ever find that man who can complete my life. I did not tell anybody what I was going through. I just kept chatting until one day, this man from Cherryblossoms named Sandy sent an email to me.

From then on, we became constant chatmates, engaged, got married and happily married for over 9 years (story of how our relations begun can be read HERE). So, the reason why I am writing this today is because, to constantly remind myself that MY BIG PRAYER HAD BEEN ANSWERED. Had I not trusted God, would I live my dream life I am living today?

I can attest to what the bible verse above for I have experienced it, I am a living witness of God’s promise and intention for my life. Now I know why I didn’t get married to one of those guys I met in the past for He had better plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future.

I am living my life exactly how I pictured out ten years ago! I am happy, satisfied and contented. Thank God for giving me this kind of life. Thank God for giving me a fruitful marriage, for giving me a husband who has been wonderful since day one, for the healthy and beautiful children and for the privilege  of being able to stay at home to take care of my family. For the skills of blogging and couponing for they enable me to contribute to our family and my family in the Philippines.

This is my own definition of “success”. For me success is not about fame and spotlight, it is about achieving your dreams in life, the life you wanted to live and being happy with the people that surround you.


Elite Kitchen & Bath The Top Choice in Home Renovation

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Our Post Valentine’s Celebration 2014

We had such a great post Valentine celebration with my family at a Korean Restaurant nearby. Just like the usual, we ate out! Food at the restaurant was good. It was worth what we paid for and to think that it was a treat from my husband, that made it even greater.

We ended our day with an awesome movie at home. We watched the entire Iron Man 3 with our girls that made kept them interested finishing to the end. All in all, I could say, it was simple yet glorious celebration for us as a couple and as a family.

Here is a photo of us for remembrance of this year’s Valentine’s as well as the Korean food trip we had last night. Thankful to the Lord above for having to spend Valentine’s to my partner in life. Looking forward for more Valentine’s Day celebration in the future.

It is during special occasions that I realized how blessed and thankful I am for not all couples I know have made it this far of their marriage and celebrate Heart’s day together…

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Chocolate Arrangement in a Vase on Valentine’s Day

I feel special today. My husband did not forget me on this very Heart’s Day. Here’s a Hershey’s chocolate arrangement in a vase that he gave me this morning. Indeed a sweet start of my day. I love you my husband with all my heart! Thank you for your ever loving, sweet and kind thoughts towards your wife.

Chocolates to eat, surely me and the girls can have something to munch for  days to come! We have been married for 9 years and four months yet he maintains that sweet gesture he showed me since the beginning of our courtship. I am  lucky and blessed to have found the right man.

When I was still in the Philippines, he used to send me greeting cards in snail mails and  fresh flowers deliveries in special occasions… and 9 years later, he still does that. Aren’t I the luckiest?

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A Courageous Woman

I hear stories of women featured on the news or on t.v shows who are in abusive relationships, how they deal with it for years, the pain and sufferings in the hands of their “supposed-to-be” husbands. Most stories were revealed that only very few of these women were able to get out of the unhealthy marriage or relationships they’re in. I somehow don’t understand that why it is hard to get out.

Anyway, speaking of which, I know someone in person and in real life who I say is brave and courageous enough to do what is right. She is also a Filipina and got married to a white man not even a year ago and they’re already living apart. There is a big problem with the man that made her leave him, hopefully for good.

I commend her for doing such thing. From the beginning all she had to endure is the pain and troubles that her husband caused her. Before they got married, I told her to make a really wise decision whether she’d marry him or not that she was well aware of  the problem that seemed to be no cure. She married him anyway and for months she she suffered (emotionally battered) and just after the New Year, she left him. I am in no position to disclose the details as to why they separated. All I know is that SHE HAS DONE the right thing for her and his own good. She deserves someone better, she deserves to be happy, respected and loved. Eventually she’ll find that peace and good life every woman is praying!

Winning a Lottery

Many people often have dreams of winning the lottery and receiving a significant amount of prize money. Some people often fantasize about what they would with all of the money that is handed out to lottery winners. Playing the lottery to win big is an example of trying to become rich overnight through government sponsored games.

The odds of hitting  jackpots are slim, but most people still continue to play state and out of state lottery. However, there is always a winner that beats the odds and claims a lot of money through lottery games. A simple purchase of a lottery ticket at the gas station or convenience store can pay off big time. Some scratch off games can also earn people plenty of cash rewards. These days, people can actually buy numbers for lottery games online. People can guess their own combination of numbers or use an online generator that automatically creates number sequences for lottery drawings.

When winning the lottery, it’s important to understand some of the financial issues involved. First of all, all money that is won through the lottery is taxable. Therefore, about one third of a million dollar lottery prize is usually taken away for tax purposes. Additionally, state lottery funds don’t hand out large checks in one single day. Lottery winners can expect to receive monthly checks for fair amounts until the net monetary prize is paid off. It’s also important for lottery winners to consult with public accountants and financial management specialists.

Christmas Greeting Cards We Received this Year

I am thankful for all the people who flooded my Facebook wall with warm Christmas greetings as well as to those who remembered our family this Christmas by sending their personalized personal picked greeting cards through snail mail. Although we are now in a high tech age, people still choose to send their greetings in traditional way which I prefer. Because, I can feel their warm connection to us and it only says they thought enough of us to spend time write several sentences on the card.

Blessed is what I feel for having those people remembering us! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US ALL!

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This has been circulating around Facebook and thought of sharing it here to for my readers. Ah women, they always have a long list for men to follow.

 photo man_zps1be0e6f5.jpg
… photo not mine, I don’t own it.

1. Feed him

2. Sleep with him

3. Leave him with peace

4. Don’t check his phone (Msgs)

5. Don’t bother him with his movements So whats so hard about that ?


It’s really not too difficult but…. To make a woman happy, a man only needs to be:

1. a friend

2. a companion

3. a lover

4. a brother

5. a father

6. a master

7. a chef

8. an electrician

9. a plumber

10. a mechanic

11. a carpenter

12. a decorator

13. a stylist

14. a sexologist

15. a gynecologist

16. a psychologist

17. a pest exterminator

18. a psychiatrist

19. a healer

20. a good listener

21. an organizer

22. a good father

23. very clean

24. sympathetic

25. athletic

26. warm

27. attentive

28. gallant

29. intelligent

30. funny

31. creative

32. tender

33. strong

34. understanding

35. tolerant

36. prudent

37. ambitious

38. capable

39. courageous

40. determined

41. true

42. dependable


44. give her compliments regularly

45. Go shopping with her

46. be honest

47. be very rich

48. not stress her out

49. not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO:

50. give her lots of attention

51. give her lots of time, especially time for herself

52. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes. BUT MOST OF ALL IT IS VERY IMPORTANT

53. never forget *birthdays *anniversaries *valentine *arrangements she makes. —