A Very Terrible Nightmare

What’s the most horrible dream a mother could dream about her baby is for the baby to be in danger. I dreamed about being shot at a hundred times in my dreams this morning. It made me shiver when I finally woke up from this horrible nightmare.
My dream actually started in our neighborhood in the Philippines where the neighbor I hated had built their house so big that I gaze upon it from below and I thought the roof was so high and the house itself was big. When I turn to our house , we had 3 and the newly built one was as big as the neighbor’s.
Second dream was in our house here in America where there were a sudden attack of small kids at first invading Jadyn’s food and toys, tearing off the sidewall so they could get in and mess up inside. Then people from a long trip got inside the house too went to the kitchen and demanded me to cook them food bec. they are hungry..I thought what the hell??? I don’t know these people here and they acted like I am their slave…
Third dream that really scared me was in an open ground, me and my baby were attending a program that time along with thousands of crowd when all of the sudden airplanes and helicopters soaring very low above us. Then one moment later, we were being shot at continously. We were told to get down on the ground so we will be able to dodge the bullets..many were dead..and I tried to crawl slowly where my baby was just to get her to the safe area behind the tree..
I was glad I made it and we hid in the tree waiting for them to be done firing. Then it calmed down a bit, officers in the helicopter came to us and I asked him… WE ARE AMERICANS TOO WHY ARE BEING SHOT AT BY YOUR PEOPLE? He couldn’t answer me instead he gave me that evil smile and started firing again. That time we were no exception, we were hit by the bullets and the baby too…hohoho I was so scared when I woke up realizing that I couldn’t protect my baby from danger….
On the other hand, I was glad it was just a dream..just a very terrible nightmare and my baby was very alive sleeping beside me in the bed…
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