Couple’s Corner #3:My Husband As A Brother

Couple's Corner

There is nothing much to tell about how my husband being a brother to his siblings. All I know is that he is the eldest of three and he helped take care of his younger brothers when they were kids. He said he helped changed diapers, fed and played with his brothers and other than that nothing else. He and the third brother of his have grown apart with distant feelings, right now they aren’t in good terms so I cannot really elaborate more. As to their relationship, they’re kind of you know on the rocks!

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4 thoughts on “Couple’s Corner #3:My Husband As A Brother

  1. hahhahha..okidoki:) its good for your case now I bet sya diay para ilis diapher nila badenden:)

    mine is up :) sa Insights:)

  2. Well, di naman lahat ng siblings ay nag kakasundo, merong gaya ng hubby mo and his brother na they grew apart. Time will come na they will be in good terms too, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen. He seems to be a good brother, I guess that's why he is a good dad to Jaden. Take care Anne, have a great July 4th.

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