Moving my business to Chicago

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

When I first started my home based business I had no idea that it would grow at the speed that it did. I am not in an office complex with fifty employees and we are quickly running out of space here. I have started looking at new spaces to move the office and have quickly come to the conclusion that we need to be in town. My husband and I already live in downtown Chicago but I started my business in the suburbs for obvious cost reasons. Now that I have grown the business to a substantial size it is time to bring it in closer to home and where most of my employees live. One of the main headaches with a move like this is making sure that the business doesn’t stop just because we are moving offices. I called to get my T1 Chicago set up right away so that our internet orders can still be coming in and be being processed all the while we are moving desks and phones and what ever else.

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