Having A Man Around

How nice it is to know having a responsible man around that can take care of things such as doing the plumbing, fixing broken fences, washing cars, driving me to the market, mows the yard, working hard in order to support the family etc. makes me the luckiest wife in the world. I am glad I married this man whom I call Lalabs for he’s a hard working and handy man.

There are things in this house that only a man can do. I can do the cooking, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floor, taking care of the girls, do the gardening but I can’t do how to fix the clogged drain. If it wasn’t the husband, I wouldn’t have a good drainage in the tub right now. For weeks, it was all clogged up and very slow… thanks to my husband for taking care of it. If the plummer gel didn’t work, he would hire a professional that would fix the problem…thank God it saves us from spending money on the plumber.

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