Bad Mood Because I Was Hungry And A Lot Of Whining Babies

Yesterday was a pretty busy for me. In the morning I blogged as much as I could and right after lunch I prepared the kids so we could go out to mail some stuff and ran to the grocery store to finish my first born’s school shopping. I also did shop some lunchables for her and some individually packed drinks for school on Monday. Before I could finish shopping, Megan started to be whiny and cranky while in the cart so I gave her some snacks that put her to shut her mouth. Jadyn kept pointing at toys I’m not interested in buying and would just walked away from me due to distraction of some really girly stuff in the store. I had to keep calling her just so she won’t get lost.

She got quiet then the big sister began whining too. Arggsss made me wanna pull my hair. All I wanted is get out of that store and go home. Things weren’t easy, while at the register Megan whined again and wanted to be carried while I was in the midst of putting back the bagged stuff in the cart. So I had her in my one arm and the other hand was doing the bags.

Finally, we drove back home but then the trouble didn’t stop there, Jadyn was all cranky getting out the carseat, I almost broke my husband’s grilling egg or kamado, Megan wanted to be carried again and most of all I WAS VERY HUNGRY. I’ve lost all my patience by then and just screamed at everybody. Even my husband noticed that I wasn’t in good mood.

As soon as I’ve eaten, I felt a little better and went to the study, told my husband I felt better lol because I fed my hungry stomach. Going out with two girls and do some errands is no longer fun for me. A lot of stuff need to be done before we could all go out and be ready.


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