A Transformed Entertainment Room Will Improve The Mood For Everybody

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We live a simple life. We are definitely happy but it would be even better if the only place where my family spends most of our time will be transformed into a more cozy, beautiful and inviting entertainment room. This will definitely improve the mood for everybody. I can only do this once we are done with home improvement projects we plan of doing in our house. Thanks to Havertys: Discover Something You, they will be my guide to the transformation of our entertainment room. Of course I would like to be able to try to attend the events listed below at Haverty's near our area. The closest location is the one by Hulen.

September 15 Now Showing (designing an entertainment space), this one I don't want to miss because our entertainment or t.v room is dull and boring. Another place in the house that needs desperate help.

October 13 Seasonal Scapes, this would give me an idea how to design or add home decor best suited for Fall

November 10 Winter Colors (designing to incorporate Winter colors)

December  Finishing Touches (the completion of the room). Sounds pretty exciting to be able to attend all these events. 

It would be my dream come true if our house will be transformed and become organized and inviting. Just like a normal woman of the house, all she ever hope for is to have a nice house to live comfortably. Don't get me wrong, we are comfortable in this house but what I mean is for it to become simple but beautiful inside.



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11 thoughts on “A Transformed Entertainment Room Will Improve The Mood For Everybody

  1. I have to agree with you, a room transformation really change the mood.

    What’s the use of living in a huge house kung unenviting naman yung place?! I would rather live in a small house where I’m comfortable with…organize and clean!

  2. a tv show, nice.i love to watch home improvement shows .Right now ,we are moving to a new house and we need a lot of improvement needed. i hope i’ll be able to transform our new house to a comfortable place .

  3. This is absolutely amazing event! Another way to improve someone’s seasonal home decors. I wish I could able to do some house makeover and replace our old living room furniture! But, anyways, thanks for sharing this!

  4. It would be a great contradiction if the entertainment room was boring, wouldn’t it? Since it’s the place in the home where everyone in the family convenes to just chill out and relax, we should take extra effort to prettify it and make it comfortable :)

  5. I enjoy doing room transformation! From time to time i change my rooms look i will take this out and put this in or just opting things from one place to another one reason is I get bored easily! lol

  6. I actually need to “transform” the whole house. I need to put more cabinets for our growing collection of books, more cabinets for our clothes. I actually need an interior decorator :)

  7. Our living room needs a transformation already. I honestly find it quite boring now. I’m just waiting for October so I can redesign it for Christmas. I like the photo that you used, a very relaxing living room for the family.

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