Gardenieres’ Fall Planting Inspiration

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A friend of mine and her son visited us here yesterday. That was nice of them to decide to see us again. They always do that whenever they are in town, they never miss seeing us! Anyway, I brought this up because I receive a compliment from her of my roses blooming flowers in my front flower beds. She is one gardener too that is why she noticed my flowering plants out there.

Well, admittedly my beds are full of flowering plants and are blooming right now but one thing I want to do before the frost is to rearrange those plants, make them look neat, remove all the dead plants and most of all trim my roses. Thanks to Gardenieres for the tips I learned from them by watching the rose bush pruning and rose bush training with Gina Iliopoulos, I now have an idea how to do it and not harming my rose bushes.

Aside from working on those beds, I would also want to add more plants in pots just like the two in our front door which is oozing with lavender flowers. Although I noticed the other pot is not as big as the one that has a mixture of miracle-gro fertilizer in the soil. I was out of fertilizer that is why I did not put anything in the last pot I worked on.

It is a must mixing potting soil with miracle-gro to see the vibrant colors of flowers and for the plants to be more healthy and for continous feeding of plants up to six months. For those of you who love gardening, you may follow the Miracle-Gro Facebook page to talk with other gardeners.

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