A 10-Year Old Girl Who Thinks my Husband is Very Old

We have this neighbor whom Jadyn plays a lot every weekend. Her grandma lives next door and so she visits her when there are no classes. She introduced us to her friend, a ten-year old girl whom Jadyn became friends with over a short course of time.

One weekend afternoon, this ten-year old girl started a conversation with me while I was in the kitchen cooking for dinner. At first she asked for my age and I told her I am 29 years old. She then asked, how old is Jadyn’s daddy and answered her honestly, he is 56 years old.

Upon hearing that, she was like “that is very old!” with a disbelief expression in her face although she was smiling but not sarcastic or anything. It was just a plain innocent question she asked and when I gave her the answer, that probably startled her a bit.

I then explained to her that I prefer OLDER MEN because younger men or guys are screwed up. Older men take care of their family. And with that simple answer I gave her, she was kind of satisfied and contented of what she heard. I was pretty sure she understood  me for  after she heard what she had to hear, she changed topic and talked just like a normal ten-year old girl should talk.

…. and then I was left alone… saying, “hmmmmmmm that was interesting!”

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3 thoughts on “A 10-Year Old Girl Who Thinks my Husband is Very Old

  1. mareh…limot nako unsaon pag add anang mga abubot sa kilid sa akong blog..like kanang live traffic ug kung asa na kuhaon….kung may time ka patabang unya ko nimo ha? pretty please? with sugar on top hehehe.

    p.s. mag blog hopping gihapon ka?

  2. hahahaah!! age doesnt matter, i also have 14 older boyfriend. we live together, i do agree young men is screwed and dont know how to manage family.. i am 26 and my dear is 40

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