Family Isn’t Always Blood

I so agree with the statement below. Family isn’t always blood but people ┬áthat touched your heart the most, people who show concern to you and care for you are family.

Second photo is of our first born and her grandma Jean. Jean is not related to us by blood but she serves/stands as our children’s grandma for she accepted them/us as her own family and so do we. You might ask me, where their real grandma is? Well, that could be a one million dollar question our children would have to ask us someday.

The fact is, they have not known or met their American grandma (my husband’s mother) for I have been judged since the beginning of my relationship with her son so we kept her out of our lives. She also denies her two grandchildren because I am a foreigner and she cannot accept that her son is happy with a Filipina.

It is just so awful how someone could be so judgmental without even knowing the person first. Well, it is her loss anyway, not ours. She missed the opportunities how it is to live having grand kids around being showered with tons of love and kisses.

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