My Miracle, You’re the Answer to My Prayer

“The poorest man of all men is not a man without a cent but a man without a dream.”

Like any ordinary girl, I have dreams and ambitions. Since I was a kid I dreamt of marrying an American man. I am very much attracted to their physical appearance and the thought that mixed race babies are appealing to me. I have always promised myself to marry one someday.

During my third and fourth years in high school, I started seeing tons of US Navies and Marines in our city. I was too young and naive at the time that I even cut classes just to see them. Most of these men were at the Balikatan Exercises in Luzon, a joint military exercises between the Americans and the Filipino soldiers during former President Estrada’s term. My friends and I went to where their ship  docked (Ibo, Lapu-lapu City) to see them. We made friends with a few and it was indeed a great experience to have at least known some foreign men in them. As determined as I was to make it possible for me to communicate with the man in my dreams, I learned the internet.I started exchanging e-mails when I was 17, met a few in person.

At age 18, I had my first American boyfriend from Arkansas. I was extremely happy then because he was my type. Boy, he was very attractive with his blond hair and blue eyes. He went to visit me in my hometown and finally met him in person. It didn’t work for us though because we broke up after 5 months. I was devastated. He broke up with me for no apparent reason at all. I tried reaching him on the phone several times at first but all I got was his answering machine. Later on, he spoke to me but in a cold manner. I couldn’t believe what he did to me. It took a while for me to recover from that heart ache. I had moved on anyway.

Months later I met another guy online who was from California. He had the same physical attributes as the former guy. Oh my, I can’t believe I easily fall for the same looks. For the second time around, I got all disappointed again as the guy came to meet two other ladies besides me. I thought for sure we have been serious to each other. I had been expecting too much all along. Not only that I saw other two girls but he had been window shopping for more. That was a shame. I was all embarrassed I couldn’t stand it, I had to run out of the airport where I went to fetch him. He was sorry and begged for me to marry him. I didn’t get fooled by his drama and ended everything between us.

I didn’t give up and moved on to another hope of meeting someone I deserve. I met another one who was from Florida. He was all busy with his business so did with his child in his previous marriage. He had the chance to tour Europe and never to see me. It was all over for us after a year of waiting.

I’ve been hurt a few times and along the way it made me even pickier. I had almost found anything wrong in a person just to make sure I will end up with someone truthful to me. In just a little mistake such as misspelling of certain words put me off so easily from the guy.

It was in the middle of Feb.2004 on Cherry Blossoms, I was checking my account to see who sent me a message. There were few mails and Sandy was one of them who wrote me. He first said hi along with all other information about him. I looked at his pictures posted and oh, he is so cute! And so I got back to his mail and replied with just very short note telling that he is cute and that I want to get to know more about him. That’s all it. The following day, he sent his quick reply again but I just ignored it, never took the time to reply him back because I was not interested with him.

Meantime, I myself was busy chatting and e-mailing with others except him. I was still trying hard to look for a possible mate who can bring me to the aisle. There came a time, it was 2 weeks after he sent me his first mail actually when I checked my mails and it was empty. I returned to his dormant mail which I never tried to response and read it again. I did reply to it and gave my Yahoo ID so we get to chat. Yes, for the first time we chatted. I could tell the way he hurl his words to me that he is the gentleman type, soft spoken and polite. But still I’m not interested with him because I thought “he’s too good-looking for me” and enough for cute men, they only play with your heart.

I asked him money with the intention of pushing him away and never wanting to chat with me again because I know for a fact once you ask money from foreigners they will never get back to you and get turned off for they might think that you’re only up to it. This man is different. He never got discouraged instead he sent me $100 the following day. I really was surprised once informed by the money transfer office that I got something from him. So I got the money and thanked him with a promise to myself that I will only focus on him.

After four months of exchanging e-mails, chats and phone calls he decided to see me. It was in time for my 21st birthday when he proposed to me telling my father, “Elson, I came across a thousand miles to marry Anne because I’m in love with her”. Even before he turned to me and declared his intention, I got teary-eyed already.

The moment, he knelt down holding the engagement ring while the other hand holding my hand asking, “Anne, will you marry me?” I got speechless. Where did my voice go? Could it be that my tongue shrunk? Now crying even more and finally I was able to respond, “Yes, I will marry you, Sandy” We got formally engaged on my 21st birthday and for me it was already a big dream come true.

 photo 8573_10152002188894517_1263653532_n_zps9404e307.jpg
… there is more to this photo that meets the eye of my ordinary readers, for me it was so special for it was the beginning of my quest towards building a family of my own….

Another 4 months had passed and he visited me for the second time for our big day — the wedding. It was I who exerted much effort to make our wedding beautiful and memorable to all who witness and thank goodness, it went well.

 photo 428675_10150802541824517_2146383893_n_zps67aa0957.jpg
….the day he officially gave his name to me, October 16,2004 at Bellavista Hotel Rooftop…

Finally, I got my visa to come and be united with him in the states after a painstaking 9 months of waiting for the whole process to be done. Now I am so much happier. After all those thunderstorms in my life, I was able to overcome it all and thank God for the strength He had given me. Thanks to Him for He was always being there for me!

P.S WE ARE NOW BLESSED WITH TWO BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS NAMED Jadyn and Megan. As for our marriage, we are celebrating ten years  today, October 16,2014 (Yehheyy cheers to that) happy and fulfilled as a wife, as a woman and as a mother!

 photo SummerJapaneseGarden055_zpsc71cd373.jpg

… Jadyn is 5 and 1/2 years old and Megan is 25 months old when this picture was taken…

Life’s lesson I’ve learnt is that, it only takes courage and determination to achieve the hardest goal you’ve ever thought you have in your life. I remember my family and friends told me “I am too ambitious to dream of marrying an American”. I had this saying before, By hook or by crook, whatever happens I will marry the man of my dreams”. I could say that I am stronger now. I am proud of my past. If not because of it, I would not be here right now living happily with my wonderful husband and daughters. I hope this will serve as inspiration to those who lost hope finding their love.

P.S. You see, I felt I was in a hurry finding love but it took me almost 4 years finding the right one. I was a girl who was into foreigners but I was able to preserve myself for the man I marry. Albeit meeting tons of Western men, I take pride of myself that my husband was the only man I slept with. I have always been a “conservative” type of woman who believes a woman should only submit her body to the man right after marriage. I did not even sleep with him in the hotel room during his first visit. I would always come home every night to my parents’ house for I know they were waiting on me…

To my mother in-law whom I have not met in person, hope you read this. UNLESS YOU KNOW MY STORY, DON’T JUDGE ME.

Enough blah blah, duh but anyways… CHEERS TO BOTH OF US, IT’S OUR 10TH YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!

Here’s us today, ten years later!
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18 thoughts on “My Miracle, You’re the Answer to My Prayer

  1. Great story dai! I enjoyed reading it! So romantic! Hehehe! Anyway pareha ta dai conservative type sad ko, although siya ra gyud akong na meet. I slept twice in his hotel room but naa mi chaperone so wa gyud ‘krimen” nahitabo! Tuhik2x rah! I’m proud of myself that we did it after our wedding! Mao gyud nay cge ug sermon sa akong mama sauna nga imo ra gyud pahilabton, huwat after sa kasal and I’m glad that I listened! :) Anyhow, once again Happy anniversary! Enjoy and cheers!

  2. I wanted to let you know that your story has touched me. i have recently met the love of my life apon my visit to the philippines and i cant wait to marry her. She ran across your story and sent it to me. i am so happy for you and your family. I also want to tell you how impressed i am with your strength and persistance. How can anyone deny God’s hand in our life after reading your story. Cheers!

    • Thank you for reading my story, Michael. My main reason of posting mine is to encourage people to keep finding their love. Wow! congratulations on your found love… 9 or ten years from now you’ll also be sharing your own story!

  3. Nice story dai… Like you, I have been all along with different foreigners too online. Many heartaches and broken promises. lol.. But yet, the least person you know is the one that can complete you. I guess it’s a blessing. It gives us a different prospective in life.

  4. Very kilig ako while reading your story Dai I can see myself in your story as in same tayo ng dream.. And what happened to you happens to me almost the same..My ex broke up with me with no apparent reason he is a european after 3months lang kami lol..Although he visited me twice.. The other one is same din sayo.. He travelled to europe twice but he never dare to visit me whereas 5hours lang ako sa bansang pinuntahan nia.. So I gave up but still friend parin kami but the hope of meeting one day is no longer in my thoughts.. . Anyway nasa late 30’s na ako pero dipa rin dumating si Mr..Man of my dreams hehehhe.. But anyways I know he is still out there lang natraffic lang siguro papunta sa akin..A guy na he will accept me for being me and to love me without any reservation diba? Sobrang inspired tlaga ako sa story mo.. At take note very pretty mga girls mo..


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  6. Hi! my lovely! Isang dekada na pala kayo ni Sandy cheers for that..grabe masyadong inspiring ang love story mo..marami ka din palang pinagdaanan bago mo ma meet si Sandy..Hay parang ako lang din ang daming mga broken promises at nasayang ng luha bago ko makilala c Steven at tulad mo din ko cya pinapansin dati pero pinatunayan nya na seryoso siya kya after 3 weeks of exchanging emails pinuntahan na ako sa Manila..hehehe kya now i’m happily
    living with him although di pa kami kasal pero mangyayari din yun in the near future..and hopefully magkabunga na din as i always wanted..hehe! Anyway HAPPY 10th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to You and SANDY!! Sana madagdagan pa ang mga pamagkin kong magaganda!



    • thank u very much, my cousin sa greeting! you are there na, wag mo nang bitiwan, char! I am glad too you found your happiness, parehas ta apir!

  7. Congrats Anne! more years to count….he he he nahinumdum ko nimo sa una sa high school pa ta. Kilig kaayo ka, di jud nako malimtan imong hitsura makakita ug Dream Boy nimo hehehe.. I’m very much happy that you reach what you dream off.As the saying goes, Kung mangarap ka sagarin mo na at wag kang bibitiw. Look at you now? You even have 2 pretty girls dugange pa jud na babaye kay nindot ug resulta daghana na oi… Anyway, those heartaches we’ve been through prepare us for the big blessings and to make us prepare for the right one. Kung sa kutsilyo pa mag-agi sa ka ug daghan nga panahon ka mahabulan pra inig mabaid naka you will become sharp and pointed.


    • ka nindot ba’s imong mga sayings kay makadut sa bukog. salamaters day! ganahan ko aning linyaha ba, “Kung mangarap ka sagarin mo na at wag kang bibitiw.”… hapit najud unta ko lage ko ato aw may gali ni abot pa jud si Mr. Dream Boy hehe…

  8. Hi Sis. Your story can indeed encourage others who are still waiting for the love of their life :) Nakahuna2x na hinuon ko that I should also write about my love story with my hubby. Hehe. I’ll see. Happy anniversary and here’s to more years of love, joy and peace. God bless :)

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