“Mama” Is Her First Word

Nothing is more flattering than hearing your baby’s first uttered word, “Mama”. Baby M can now say the word. Her dada must have taught her very well for she learned it very quickly at age 8 months. Babies usually find it easy to say the word, ‘pa rather than mama. Thanks to the dada for consistently teaching our baby M with the “mama” word.

It would be so unfair on mother’s side if the baby would call his/her daddy first before the mother for it is the mother that takes good care of her children, look after their needs, give them tender loving care and most of all it is the mother that attends sick children, works 24/7 without a day off, leave or compensation. But despite all these, it’s baby’s laughter that could pay back the mother of all her hardwork she’s done to her baby/kids.

Restless Me

My life is not easy as you think it is. I do have two kids around here and got little to no help in this house because the husband is working. When it’s his day off, I don’t want to bother him much with the kids but if it is really needed, I would ask his help.

As I am writing this, the little one is in her crib crying, wanting to be picked up by mommy. I am tired. I haven’t had a nap today. I tried getting it but before I could forget the world for a while, there she was… she woke up just when I was about to sleep. Arggssssssss! What a life!

I would be very lucky to have someone from the Philippines to help me with my kids. It would be years before my sister can come join us here but I am hopeful she will eventually can come to America. Gotta go, Megan is out of control… it’s getting annoying hearing her cry for no reason and I know full well, it is just a fake cry just to get mommy’s attention.

Megan “Little Pearl” — How Neat

Little Pearl
(MEH gan) [Guide]

Used in:
English and Welsh speaking countries
Additional info:
Megan is a Welsh diminutive form of Margaret, from Greek ‘margaron’, “pearl”, and thus means “little pearl”.

The form may have been borrowed from, or given rise to such abbreviated forms as Meg, Maggie and Mags.

In USA, Megan’s Law requires the law enforcement authorities to notify the public if a sex offender moves into the community. It was named after rape and murder victim Megan Kanka.

Notable Megans include actresses Megan Fox and Megan Mullaly.

It was the most popular girl’s name in Wales in 2006, but fell to 2nd place in 2007.

It’s A Baby Girl!!!

So the most awaited day has ended, we now know that our second baby is a GIRL. This means another “PRINCESS” addition to our family is coming. August 2,2011 I’ll be due. I knew I am going to have a baby girl again, mother instinct is so strong right from the beginning that I didn’t even hope for a baby boy or if I did it was only 1% at least.
We already have a name long before we can conceive a baby girl. My husband told me long time ago that if we have another baby and it’s a girl we are going to name her, MEGAN. Why? Because it sounds close to MORGAN which is his late father’s name and my husband’s second name. Since I like the name Megan, I didn’t look for another name nor debate with him. But, I was going to spell it this way “MEGHANNE” or “MEGHAN” but my husband thinks it’s silly so I stick to the simplest spelling possible. It is simple, easier for the baby to write her name in the future and it has five letters in it same as JADYN. Simple and easy!

It’s Another Dream Come True

A wife’s wish is to have a second baby after almost three years of having her first one and now God has granted her wish. How lucky and happy she is to be holding another new born baby in her arms soon. I got a positive result on my home pregnancy test this morning! Cheers to me and my husband for we have waited for this for five months. I don’t mind whether it’s a boy or girl, all I care about is to have two kids and we’re done with having children. Having two kids has been my ultimate goal and now it’s here, I FEEL BLESSED AND OVERJOYED!