Australian Based Beauty Equipment Suppliers

Putting up a salon and beauty business probably one of the best businesses anyone can think of. Women including teenagers up probably the age of 70 will frequently visit to salons and spas for relaxation, pampering of themselves and most of all to maintain their glowing beauty. Mind you, women are everywhere all over the world so the next step a business-minded person is to look for a perfect place to put up her salon and spa.

Once she finds that, she will then be ready to order the beauty salon furniture, beauty machines, beauty steamers, LED beauty lamps and many others. Where to find quality beauty equipment supplies? Well, if they do their research, they can find plenty on the internet but one thing is for sure, there is only one company of supplier out there that offers an Australian made quality and well priced professional beauty products and that would be Elegans Health & Beauty. They have been for more than 70 years.
This is an Australian owned company. Elegans knows that the products you buy must not only fit your budget they must also enhance the experience for your clients in your Salon or Spa.

A happy and satisfied customer always comes back and would not find any other spa other than what they are used to going simply because of the price they get as well as the treatment they experience when coming into your spa.

Chip Free Manicure For 14 Days?

Would you believe a manicure that really lasts 14 days? Personally, that would be impossible since I do all my house chores with my bare hands. I do dishes a lot everyday of my life so a nice manicure that could last for two weeks will be a great idea but how? What kind of product that we can buy to achieve lustrous nails longer? Here is what CND company is hoping to bring ladies back to the salon with Shellac at recession time. A new nail polish that is an innovative hybrid nail color that is guaranteed to last for 14 days. Yeah it is a proven fact shellac manicures last two whole weeks reportedly by a woman who have tried the product herself. The con though is it is worth more than a salon price of 40-45 bucks each.

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