Expecting baby #2

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy
My husband and I are pregnant! Yes, we are pregnant with our second kid. It was a surprise. We knew there was a chance we could be, but we weren’t really trying to have a second. Nonetheless, we are very excited and can’t wait for the baby to get here. We were trying to rework our budget last night and realized we are going to need to make several adjustments. Babies are very expensive little things and we need to be more prepared for this one than we were for the first. I started calling our utility companies trying to renegotiate rates and packages.
I was very pleasantly surprised by how helpful DIRECT TV BROWNSVILLE was to me. They were able to help me achieve my budget goals and I am thrilled. With the various other negotiations, I am starting to feel much better about our second little baby. I am hopeful that the second will be easier than the first, but I am thinking it might be wishful hoping. However, it never hurts to hope.

Basketball Wife

Guest post by Von Battle
I moved to a new cubicle at work this week, and thus I have a new neighbor. Her name is Jessica, and she is something else. I didn’t even know Jessica worked for my company because she is in the office so infrequently. Now that we’re neighbors, I have an even better idea of her leisurely schedule. Jessica comes into the office for about three days out of the week. She never stays the whole day, just long enough to make some noise and show her face so no one will move into her cubicle thinking that she no longer works there. If there’s something that I can say about Jessica, it’s that she is always dressed to a T in high high heels, fake eyelashes and designer duds.
I called her the other day because I needed a form that I couldn’t find. I asked her where she was. She hesitated for a moment and then stated she was at lunch. I asked where she was eating. She told the nail salon. Home girl has been watching a bit too much Basketball Wives on her Directtv.

Hair Care

Guest post by Jewel Cole

I saw a Suave commercial this morning while watching TV from HTTP://www.direc4U.COM. It is targeted towards moms and I must say I agree with everything that was said which is rare for me. A lot of us become different people after we become married and have children. My grandmother gave me some advice at my bridal shower that I will never forget. She told me to never let myself go. Always keep yourself maintained. I said I would not let that happen. Well, fast forward some years. After having 2 kids I see exactly what she was talking about. It can be so hard to play dress up when there are babies spitting up on you, older kids tugging and pulling at your leg and a house that looks like a war zone. I used to be known as the woman who always had it together. I wore makeup and heels every day. I have decided bring that woman back, for myself. So mothers, get out of the jogging pants at least once a week and remember the woman you once were. She is still there.