Church On Easter

I haven’t been to church since I came back from my vacation in the Philippines and that was 3 months ago. My soul hungered for God’s word and love, my flesh needed food to keep me going. I could no longer hold it so I needed to have something to strengthen me so my spirit can continue to live and the cure for hunger and thirst is for me to visit the church. Asked for forgiveness for not being able to hear spiritual food, God’s word that is for so long and now I am good.
I should have no excuse in going to church for we live close to church. But how come I let several Sundays to pass by to realize that I missed the food for my soul? Easter Sunday, Jesus has risen and resurrected and I was there! Thank You Lord for giving me the strength and worship you today. I feel fulfilled spiritually now that I was able to celebrate Easter with You.

Happy Easter!

To those who came to peek me at this blog, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL!

Our easter came easy. In the morning, I cooked my family a healthy breakfast Chinese style, I made them fried rice, spring roll and a fish salad. After we had our breakfast I sent my baby to the backyard so she could do egg hunting which she did successfully.

And as hours went by, me and my husband became busy doing our chores. He was working to cut down the trees in the backyard while I got myself busy inside the house too. I did clean two sinks in the master bedroom and vacuum three rooms, two closets and the hallway.

So that was pretty much a busy day today for us. How about you guys? What did you do on Easter?