Sleeping In Other Bedroom Doesn’t Work

I tried sleeping in my daughter’s bedroom with my baby number two for a week but I guess it doesn’t work for me and the baby. We both are not sleeping very well on the carpet and only very thin blanket that keeps us from the floor. I missed our cozy and comfortable bed if you ask me. Megan for some reason cries from time to time. She doesn’t sleep straight just like when she is in her own crib.

So when she cries, I am bothered too. I wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep right away. During the day I feel very tired and no energy. I am missing those really tight sleep I get when I am in my own bed. Sleeping in other bedroom doesn’t work so I will be sleeping back beside my husband’s, lol. I thought I will be okay not being “normal” as he describe it. Being normal for us is to sleep side by side in our bed. Having a good night sleep is very important to me, not getting it for a week makes me cranky and exhausted.

Take A Break

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“Great Mommy”

Two words from my better half is what it takes for me to feel appreciated of what I did to my kids. Although at times I feel all my energy are sucked out from me yet I see the blessings and the goodness of being a mommy to these two wonderfully created human beings in my life.

There were times when I felt exhausted but I should not mind it because what I got is precious and I cannot put a price tag on them. Last night when we were about to sleep, those two great words came out from my husband’s mouth, “great mommy” just made my night. I confirmed what he said and yes, I heard it right. I was in heaven pinakalit gud! At least he had seen all the hard work and tender loving care I showed to our girls. He absolutely makes me feel appreciated, really!

Father’s Day Photos

I had one of the best days of my life with my family today as we celebrated the Father’s day. First off, I had Jadyn brought our gifts to her daddy and she opened it for him… a father’s day card and a blow up picture of them in the garden hugging tight then we went to church afterwards…
I had my husband with me and Jadyn in church. For the longest time since Jadyn was baptized in the Philippines my husband went to church with us! How awesome. After the mass, we took few photos of us outside the church and headed to the Chinese restaurant for a lunch treat for Father’s day. I felt good knowing that my treasured family are together on a day like this. I am blessed, so blessed having them in my life!
We ended our day by finalizing the set up of Jadyn’s room with all the newly painted furniture in it. Will post photos on Jadyn’s blog after this.

Here are the shots we took before and after church and in the restaurant…

Our Valentine’s Date

It’s not the material things you receive or where you go for a date that makes it grand, it’s the thoughts that your better half invested for making your Valentine’s Day a wonderful one. It’s what he does for you on lover’s day that made it so touching on your day.
So nice of the husband for taking us out to dinner for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t expecting that all. I am flattered, honestly. My Valentine’s day was a well-spent day with my sweet family. We didn’t do anything fancy just a trip to a Chinese Bistro Restaurant and it’s his sweet gestures that mattered to me and that makes me fall in love with him over and over again not just on Valentine’s Day but during ordinary days in our marriage. Plus the fact that I am with my husband, I can feel him, touch him, hug him, kiss him that completes the day. God is good, He sent the man that is more than what I asked for.

So Sweet Of Him And I am Flattered

So I share the same thoughts as my husband that is proven for sure. It feels weird when I am on the bed and he isn’t, I mean when I go to bed first before him I just couldn’t sleep tight knowing that he is not on my side. And he on the other hand, somehow felt the same way too.
An instance just like last night that proves the same. I put my baby to her bed and stayed there for more than an hour. She was on her bed and I laid down on the floor, although it is carpeted yet I could feel the hard surface against my body. I chose to stay there longer because it feels cooler in my baby’s room than in our bedroom.
Mind you, my husband was already snoring when he found out later that I wasn’t on the bed yet, so what he did, he went to the baby’s room and woke me up in my shallow dream. I jerked, I thought there was snake crawling into my body. All along it was my husband tapping my leg gently, offering his hand to me so I could stand up with the help of his loving hand. The simple gesture of his telling me to move into our comfy bed and the thought of it makes me flattered. How sweet of him to think of his wife lying on the floor haha. Love him to death, no doubt about that and I know he loves me too!