Chocolate Arrangement in a Vase on Valentine’s Day

I feel special today. My husband did not forget me on this very Heart’s Day. Here’s a Hershey’s chocolate arrangement in a vase that he gave me this morning. Indeed a sweet start of my day. I love you my husband with all my heart! Thank you for your ever loving, sweet and kind thoughts towards your wife.

Chocolates to eat, surely me and the girls can have something to munch for  days to come! We have been married for 9 years and four months yet he maintains that sweet gesture he showed me since the beginning of our courtship. I am  lucky and blessed to have found the right man.

When I was still in the Philippines, he used to send me greeting cards in snail mails and  fresh flowers deliveries in special occasions… and 9 years later, he still does that. Aren’t I the luckiest?

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Choosing The Perfect Gift For Him

I always find it difficult looking for perfect gift to give for my husband on his birthday or Father’s day because he is picky and when I ask him what he wants, he would just say, “I don’t need anything”. As much as I want to give him something, I rarely find stuff that I think he likes. Last Father’s Day, I was able to give him a new leather wallet and thankfully he likes it for if he doesn’t he would not use it. That absolutely makes me happy deep inside.

His birthday will be in November. I don’t want to forget it just like I did last year. It was weeks later when I realized I missed his birthday. How could I do that? I should start thinking about what gift to give him this year. I should look at engravable gifts for him as early as now to give myself to enough time to decide which gift  I think he would love to have.

What The Wife Wants, The Wife Gets It

I don’t consider myself spoiled brat wife. I just know what I want and when I need it. I really wanted a GPS navigator system to use for my meeting with my friend this coming Friday and since it’s Mother’s day today, I make it sure that I will get what I need. Thanks to the husband for this great invention that leads me to places to hangout with friends.

He bought me a Tom Tom GPS Via 1535TM. We chose to go to Fry’s Electronics in Arlington hoping we could make a deal on this one but little did we know, the store would cost us $40 dollars more than in Best Buy and Amazon. Shocks! Too late if we are gonna return the item they’ll charge us 15% restocking fee. Anyway, I am happy I now have a GPS and it can put to use this Friday. I am getting excited here!


Mommy Bought Herself A Lot Of Good Stuff For Mother’s Day

Packages have been arriving at our door step this week. While it’s good to see them I am somewhat feeling a bit guilty for spending too much lately. I may not be as shopaholic as you think I am but deep inside there is this guilty pleasure in me. So what? I deserve them all, aren’t I?

I received two packages today, one from the Firmoo glasses and the other one is from I tell you, those are pretty good and sweet stuff that I really love especially the sunglasses. They are all pretty and I loved my choices because they came out really good and fit good in me. Photo pictured below is just one of the ten pairs I got today, yupzie. To see more of these glasses, click on each of my blog for I posted one in each just in case you are curious how pretty the glasses are.


Complimentary $10 Gift Card

I just earned a complimentary $10 gift card from Bank Of America to be spent at Amazon. This is their way of thanking their customers for using BOA credit cards. My husband used his credit card so much from the past months that is why but hey, I will be the one using this gift card when it arrives 8-10 weeks from now.

I love it when we receive freebies or gift cards, it makes us feel valued and encourages us to use more of our cc in the future.  Please let all those good stuff coming in the mail, we will gladly accept them hehe! Thank God for this small blessing.

Valentine’s Day Surprise

I was completely surprised with my husband today. He handed me a Gordon Jewelers bag. In the bag are a heart necklace and a Valentine’s card. I didn’t expect the gifts at all. I thought it is no longer “uso” for we’ve been married for a couple years and that he might put this sweet deed aside.
What shocked me is that when I opened the jewelry box I found the necklace I was eyeing on days ago. I almost bought it for myself for it is too pretty. I am glad I did not do it, somebody did..hehe my husband got it for me how awesome! Thanks to the most wonderful husband alive! He never ceases to surprise me.
Also I am so touched of the message in the card. I thought he always picked the right kind of card that brings warmth to my heart.

His Gift

I just finished wrapping up my gift for my husband for our anniversary. I am kind of counting the days ’till we turn six years in our marriage. I hope he likes what I’m gonna give him. I didn’t mind buying him this expensive thing for I seldom give him something…and when I do, I make sure it is nice and unique. Along with it is an anniversary card with long a message from my heart written into words.

What I Want For Mother’s Day

For most mothers, they would love to receive a lot of chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, shopping gift certificate, cakes and other pastries for Mother’s Day…but not me… I wish my husband can read this posting of mine..somehow so he can have an idea on what I really want to receive from him this Sunday. I miss my home country so much and therefore I WANT PLANE TICKETS so I can go home this year! Oh Lord, please hear my simple wishes…I don’t want anything else but plane tickets that will send me and my baby to Cebu at the end of this year!

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