Chocolate Arrangement in a Vase on Valentine’s Day

I feel special today. My husband did not forget me on this very Heart’s Day. Here’s a Hershey’s chocolate arrangement in a vase that he gave me this morning. Indeed a sweet start of my day. I love you my husband with all my heart! Thank you for your ever loving, sweet and kind thoughts towards your wife.

Chocolates to eat, surely me and the girls can have something to munch for  days to come! We have been married for 9 years and four months yet he maintains that sweet gesture he showed me since the beginning of our courtship. I am  lucky and blessed to have found the right man.

When I was still in the Philippines, he used to send me greeting cards in snail mails and  fresh flowers deliveries in special occasions… and 9 years later, he still does that. Aren’t I the luckiest?

 photo 1899178_10152621865459517_1542056918_n_zps13d6a13a.jpg

The Big 30

So today, we celebrated my big 30th birthday. It started with a surprise two dozens of roses waiting on me on my desk, thanks to the husband who after all these years remained sweet and romantic to me. He sure knows how to flatter my heart. I was honestly very surprised of the roses because we have been married for a while now and roses are no longer “uso“.

Then in the evening, he treat us out to dinner at Red Lobster, there I was able to eat a lobster tail along with other great yummylicious seafood creatures. All in all, my birthday went great with my family around, I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate it. I am very thankful to God for another year of my life. Looking forward for more birthdays to come with my family and hopefully… grandchildren 20 years from now…

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My New Year Resolution


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! The year 2012 has been so great for us even though we were faced hard financial situation but carry ra! I am thankful for the gift of family, good marriage, healthy and happy children and most of all the gift of love that the Lord has given us!

My New Year resolution is to minimize kubol-kubol kunohay. It is my flaw and I grew up having to kubol with my parents before and now ako jud nadala, asta bana kubol kubolan ahak! Cheers everyone and may 2013 brings us peace, more money and most of all GOOD LUCK in all our endeavor for the coming months ahead!

Mommy Bought Herself A Lot Of Good Stuff For Mother’s Day

Packages have been arriving at our door step this week. While it’s good to see them I am somewhat feeling a bit guilty for spending too much lately. I may not be as shopaholic as you think I am but deep inside there is this guilty pleasure in me. So what? I deserve them all, aren’t I?

I received two packages today, one from the Firmoo glasses and the other one is from I tell you, those are pretty good and sweet stuff that I really love especially the sunglasses. They are all pretty and I loved my choices because they came out really good and fit good in me. Photo pictured below is just one of the ten pairs I got today, yupzie. To see more of these glasses, click on each of my blog for I posted one in each just in case you are curious how pretty the glasses are.



The husband asked me a question before going to sleep last night that left my face a sweet grin. I have no idea why he suddenly asked me about the trip to the Philippines while in fact earlier this year I have been vocal about it and he just doesn’t think we can make it there this year for many reasons and then last night, why?
He asked me exactly this, “When is the trip to the Philippines?” and I replied, I don’t know… and I asked him back why? He replied quickly because I am his wife daw oi. Wow flattering… Sigh! I hope that I can really fly to my home country at the end of this year for I am excited two provinces of my grandparents on both sides.