Eight Years Later

Dreams do come true! Sounds like a famous line on fairy tale stories but yes, dreams do come true. I am one living proof of it. Who would have thought that we’ve gone this far in our marriage? We have over come trials and obstacles of our life together yet we were able to surpass them all.

Before there were just the two of us… and eight years later, there are five of us! Two beautiful girls areAL added to our family and one female dog, lol. Below photos are our post eighth year wedding anniversary dinner. Sorry for the very late post, I have been so busy here…

In case you wanna know how our marriage is? STRONG, HAPPY and THE REAL THING…


Brunch Is Served

This is what I need sometimes, someone is cooking my brunch today and that is no other than my husband. I deserve it and I feel lucky today… haha just today… I fed my hungry stomach now awaiting for my little one to wake up so I can feed her.

It’s a lazy cold Saturday morning here in our place and I’m loving it. I have no plan of going out today… all I wanna do is stay home, be on the computer, snuggle under the sheets, play with the girls and perhaps clean the house a little bit.

Thank you all for dropping by my blog today. What about you guys, what do you plan to do today? Anything else that gives you happiness today? Hangout in the mall maybe or just a party with friends? Hope you all have a nice weekend and enjoy!

He Makes My Life Easier

What else could I ask for if everything that needs to be done has been done already by the husband? Such an easy life to live having a husband who does things only him can accomplished. Things like getting the car fixed (nasuyakan), change oil, renew the registration and stickers, sent/picked up our first born to and from school. All these were done on his very first day off last Friday so I didn’t have to do them.

He may not know it but I so appreciate what he did. He is such a responsible husband, he thinks what is good for his family and really knows what to do for the better of his family. Thank God for the man that he is. Since day one I met him online until almost 8 years later, he is still the man I have known him from the beginning.

Bad Mood Because I Was Hungry And A Lot Of Whining Babies

Yesterday was a pretty busy for me. In the morning I blogged as much as I could and right after lunch I prepared the kids so we could go out to mail some stuff and ran to the grocery store to finish my first born’s school shopping. I also did shop some lunchables for her and some individually packed drinks for school on Monday. Before I could finish shopping, Megan started to be whiny and cranky while in the cart so I gave her some snacks that put her to shut her mouth. Jadyn kept pointing at toys I’m not interested in buying and would just walked away from me due to distraction of some really girly stuff in the store. I had to keep calling her just so she won’t get lost.

She got quiet then the big sister began whining too. Arggsss made me wanna pull my hair. All I wanted is get out of that store and go home. Things weren’t easy, while at the register Megan whined again and wanted to be carried while I was in the midst of putting back the bagged stuff in the cart. So I had her in my one arm and the other hand was doing the bags.

Finally, we drove back home but then the trouble didn’t stop there, Jadyn was all cranky getting out the carseat, I almost broke my husband’s grilling egg or kamado, Megan wanted to be carried again and most of all I WAS VERY HUNGRY. I’ve lost all my patience by then and just screamed at everybody. Even my husband noticed that I wasn’t in good mood.

As soon as I’ve eaten, I felt a little better and went to the study, told my husband I felt better lol because I fed my hungry stomach. Going out with two girls and do some errands is no longer fun for me. A lot of stuff need to be done before we could all go out and be ready.


What I Want For Breakfast Is You

I woke up a little late than usual. The husband is off and so he took care of the baby while I was still in bed. As soon as I got up, I went straight outside to plant the two pincushion flowers in our front beds and also to water the plants.

I normally go to my computer from bed so I delayed 30 mins. using my computer this morning, up until now I’m still here apparently doing this posting, lol. The husband is already done with his reading on the internet and got up and asked me what I want for breakfast.

Ah the feeling of just sitting down here and somebody is cooking for the whole family is just heavenly. I told him I can eat anything or I want his eggs (balls as Americans call them)! Silly me. If he was to give me his eggs, that would be a different story for you know what it means… do you get my joke?

Glue Of The Family

It is flattering when the husband refer the mommy as the “glue of the family”. My own understanding to this is that I make my family stick together. Without me, they are broken.  They are incomplete. Hahaha! One weekend afternoon, our two girls and my husband all sat together in the garage just relaxing and I joined them quickly. When I felt like it was so hot out there, I went back inside and used my computer , few minutes later the husband and the big girl followed inside asking where’s mommy? I then asked, why are you missing me? He then told me, because you are the glue of the family! What? Okay fine then, Lol!

He Remembers Me On My Birthday

In my mind ahhhhhh it’s just my birthday, no big deal so I was very okay to receive nothing from my better half but his birthday greeting. And when he came home yesterday afternoon from work he actually had something for me. A birthday funny card and hmmmmm a Best Buy gift card worth $200. I did not expect that at all. That was so nice of him. Maybe he wants me to change my two-year old cellphone now? Hmmmm let me find the right phone for me that has  GPS in it because I find it accurate rather than using the Tom Tom unit I already have.

Any recommendations out there as to what brand or model should I get? I don’t want an extra special phone I just want something that has games and a GPS in it, also we are on AT&T by the way. I tried browsing on BestBuy.com but I get confused easy for there are too many phone models that to me all look pretty and nice. Can I get them all? Lol.

Anyway, I am not in a hurry to spending my gift card soon for it has no expiration date. I might just have to wait for big Holidays to come when BestBuy offers huge markdowns on electronics and gadgets.

A Husband That Listens

I am only 11 days away of my 29th birthday and the only thing I wanted to do is for my husband to drive me to the Grapevine Mills mall. I asked him a favor, driving to the mall, that is… and he listened. That is all I wanted for my birthday. I asked a favor from my husband in a way that he couldn’t say no, lol!

I asked him this way, “Lalabs, since it’s my birthday this month, I don’t want anything or something else but I want you to do me a favor.” And he asked and after I told him what I wanted to do, he listened and today we drove off to the mall which is 30 minutes away from where we live.

I am just a simple person and easy to please. By hearing my wishes that made me happy and I am okay if we don’t do anything  or I won’t receive something on my birthday because I have done what I wanted to do for a long time. Thanks to the husband that listens to the wife’s plea, lol!

Sleeping In Other Bedroom Doesn’t Work

I tried sleeping in my daughter’s bedroom with my baby number two for a week but I guess it doesn’t work for me and the baby. We both are not sleeping very well on the carpet and only very thin blanket that keeps us from the floor. I missed our cozy and comfortable bed if you ask me. Megan for some reason cries from time to time. She doesn’t sleep straight just like when she is in her own crib.

So when she cries, I am bothered too. I wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep right away. During the day I feel very tired and no energy. I am missing those really tight sleep I get when I am in my own bed. Sleeping in other bedroom doesn’t work so I will be sleeping back beside my husband’s, lol. I thought I will be okay not being “normal” as he describe it. Being normal for us is to sleep side by side in our bed. Having a good night sleep is very important to me, not getting it for a week makes me cranky and exhausted.

Perfect Pair Made In Heaven

Now I know why I shed so much tears before with my experiences with men. God knew how much I wanted for someone who will accept me for who I am, accepts me of my flaws and not try to change me. Thank You,Lord…thank You!

It is not everyday we meet people like that so when we do, we must embrace them, nourish and nurture them in our lives for when they are gone…they are gone forever!

In our marriage, I see no skin color, I see no age… instead…I see a love that is pure and real. A true companion that I can really count on during tough times… And most of all I see my future which I am living  right now… and I am certain this is forever.