Couple’s Corner #3:My Husband As A Brother

Couple's Corner

There is nothing much to tell about how my husband being a brother to his siblings. All I know is that he is the eldest of three and he helped take care of his younger brothers when they were kids. He said he helped changed diapers, fed and played with his brothers and other than that nothing else. He and the third brother of his have grown apart with distant feelings, right now they aren’t in good terms so I cannot really elaborate more. As to their relationship, they’re kind of you know on the rocks!

CC #: 2 Me, As A Wife

Couple's Corner

Wow it’s Couple’s Corner day again. How did I miss last week’s topic? Too bad I wasn’t able to write about that, I was really anticipating to join last week’s CC for I got so much to tell about me being a mother, of course I would only tell what my husband says about me.
Anyways, I am glad that I am back on track now. I somehow thought that CC will be every Friday? Just recently I received a compliment from my husband about me being thoughtful. Naks, heart flattering it is but I don’t know that. I just have to be me when he’s around. I don’t cook him dinner, he does his own dinner even after working ten-hour shift everyday. All I do is fix him breakfast on his day off. I make sure he’s still on the computer and bring the food in his study so he doesn’t get starved while reading his news.
A friend of his visited us 3 weeks ago and he gave me the same compliment after handling him his slippers outside so he can be comfortable. My husband sure heard what his friend said and I believe, these men sure are grateful for they appreciate every little thing I did to them. There are so many things he think I am too busy to write them all right now..

Sweet Saturday #:1 Silly Wife

These are photos of me and my husband at Fort Worth Botanical Garden last year. I love it when the husband bring us somewhere just so we can get away from the house for a while during the weekend. I need a break from staring at  four walls of the house so you can only imagine how happy and appreciative I am when we can get to breathe some fresh air. Also it is how we spend family time together with all the roses and chirping birds with our kid.
Photos below show how silly I am with my husband. And he is the complete opposite. He is an American but he doesn’t like PDA or public display of affection. He is a traditional gentleman that doesn’t even kiss in public, lolz!

Couples Corner #: 2 When He Doesn’t Like The Food I Cook

I know my husband very well. He is a gentleman and when he doesn’t like things, he would complain only if it involves other people but when it comes to me, I hear no complaining from him, of course he did complain one time about the smell when I cooked dried fish and I didn’t clean up the mess afterwards. As to my cooking, he would eat whatever I serve for him. Although he doesn’t always eat Filipino foods but when I intentionally cook for all of us, he would eat it and give me compliments if he really likes it. But if not, he would just stay quiet.
There was an instance years back, it was when I first came here in America. I cooked bitter melon with eggs for our breakfast and you know paliya as we call it, it’s so bitter that not all people can stand its  taste…so he did eat what’s on his plate but guess what? HE DIDN’T BOTHER TO CHEW THE PALIYA instead just jam it in his mouth and swallow it! It made me laugh watching him and when he was done, I asked why he did that? He said it was too bitter for him so to make it disappear fast, he just swallow it without chewing! Since that incident I never gave him my bitter melon ever again!

CC #: 1 How Do I Annoy Him?

Rodliz’s Nest

I been meaning to join this meme for so long but for some reason I keep forgetting making an entry for this one, so today… comes the very first submission I have for this meme.
My husband is reserved and quiet person and I am the opposite. I love to talk nonsense. The way to annoy him is when he need that peace and quiet at home especially when it’s movie time and I make a noise, that surely would piss him off. Another thing that could annoy him is me just grabbing/touching his tits without warning. He said, it’s okay to touch tits when it’s sex time but if it is just ordinary time, he doesn’t want that simply because he doesn’t like the feel of my finger in them, haha!
How about you couples out there? What are sort of things that can annoy your better half? Share it here, I wanna read it!

Monday Mayhem #: 1 Viral Commercials

Today’s meme is all about great commercials.
We ask 3 questions and you have the choice of answering the questions, posting a video and/or both.
Have fun!
Q1. What product have you purchased because you liked the commercial?
~~~~Braum’s ice cream. Long before my husband brought us to their ice cream shop locally I already loved their commercial. Please watch this commercial below and find out why I love the commercial.
Q2. Has a commercial ever changed your mind about a celebrity or spokesperson?
~~~ Nope!
Q3. What commercial is annoying enough to make you want to change the channel?
~~~ I find all car commercials are so annoying that I would hit the MUTE button first before changing channel, the very hated commercial I found is the KIA commercial.

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