A Big Difference Between Name-Brand And Store-Brand

I consider myself a good shopper although sometimes I pick up stuff from the grocery store that are higher in prices. Most of the time though I choose to buy stuff that are store-brands. It is a lot cheaper than name-brand ones yet they contain the same ingredients as the latter. I have learned to shop wisely through a friend who taught me to look at prices not the known labels so I won’t be fooled by them. It saves us a few bucks so we have a happier pocket.

Here is a few products that you should ALWAYS buy generic written by Stacy Johnson on her article I found on Yahoo.

1. Pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications

Acetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol — is available in many generic products. Note that the generics aren’t similar: they’re identical. Why would you ever pay more for an identical product? This also applies to everything from cold medicine to eye drops — virtually every over-the-counter medication. The labels are right there — read them.

Name-Brand Acetaminophen: $10.99
Store-Brand Acetaminophen: $6.99
Difference: $4.00 (57 percent)

2. Water

Although I should certainly be used to it by now, I can’t get over the fact that people go to the store to buy something in a bottle that they could be getting nearly free in their kitchen sink. But even if you can convince me that bottled water is worth the money, you’ll have a heck of time convincing me that the gallon jug from Crystal Springs is noticeably better than the one from Publix. And if you’re really concerned about water quality and/or taste — why aren’t you buying a filter and making your own bottled water? I just don’t get this entire concept.

Name-Brand Water: $1.25
Store-Brand Water: $.85
Difference: $.40 (48 percent)

3. Milk

I’m sure there are connoisseurs of moo-juice that could distinguish name-brand milk from store-brand — but I’m not quite sure how they’d do it. Bouquet? Finish? Sounds like a bunch of bull to me.

Name-Brand Milk: $5.45
Store-Brand Milk: $3.39
Difference: $2.06 (60 percent)

4. Margarine

It’s already a substitute for butter. Is it really going to negatively impact your quality of life to substitute the substitute?

Name-Brand Margarine: $1.79
Store-Brand Margarine: $1.19
Difference: $.60 (50%)

5. Bleach

You’re taking a cup of chlorine and adding it to gallons of water in your washing machine. How could any TV commercial possibly convince you that a brand name will make your clothes come out better?

Name-Brand Bleach: $2.25
Store-Brand Bleach: $1.67
Difference: $.58 (35 percent)

6. Cleaning Products

Many — if not most — cleaning products are already overpriced substitutes for stuff you already have around the house. Two of the most popular news stories we’ve ever done were Household Products Vinegar Can Replace and Do-It-Yourself Laundry Detergent. But let’s assume that you have a fetish for spray bottles and insist on buying ready-to-use cleaning products: is the name brand getting your counter that much cleaner?

Name-Brand Cleaner with Bleach: $3.29
Store-Brand Cleaner with Bleach: $2.39
Difference: $.90 (38 percent)

7. Spices

Think your job is hard? Imagine if your career entailed convincing the public that your company’s salt — the most basic of ingredients — was better than some other company’s salt. The whole idea is preposterous. And yet, there they sit, side by side, with nothing but their labels and their prices to set them apart. And where spices are concerned, that’s just the beginning — can you tell your oregano from mine?

Name-Brand Oregano: $5.48/oz.
Store-Brand Oregano: $1.24/oz.
Difference: $4.24 (342 percent)

Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)

What’s going on people? I don’t believe this. Too impossible to be true. Read the article so you’ll know if it truly is real.

A recent news story that is horrifying on so many levels: a 30-year-old woman from Michigan pleaded guilty to charges of having sex with her 14-year-old biological son. The woman gave up her son for adoption when he was just a few days old, and later tracked him down through the internet. She can face up to 30 years of prison time for her crime. According to the article:

“When she saw this boy, something just touched off in her — and it wasn’t a mother-son relationship, it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship,” the newspaper quoted attorney Mitchell Ribitwer as saying. “Aimee’s searching for a reason why this happened. She can’t understand it. She’s going to get some counseling.”


I’ve Never Been So Scared

…. read the development of the Officer’s condition here Fort Worth Officer Who Crashed Now in Intensive Care

I was in the midst of enjoying my late lunch yesterday afternoon while watching Judge Judy when a flash news about a Fort Worth Police Officer shown in the screen lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree, critically injured written in BOLD letters on the tv screen that sent a shock right through my spirit. As the video coverage went on, I was sweating profusely that I was like in over a hundred degree temperature outside.

How could I not be so scared if my husband is out there too working the same line of work as the one flashed on the news? God forbid, accidents do happen anytime and to anyone. I felt hanging by the news not getting any information as to who that police officer was. I was frightened to my bones! 5 minutes went on when the news reporter finally revealed the age and years of experience of the officer and I was like THANK YOU, LORD for it wasn’t my husband! He is a 37 year-old with 15 years experience in policing and that Officer is Richard A. Lambing.

Though I was relieved of what I heard, I can’t help but feel bad of the Officer because of how badly damaged the car was. The way witnesses describe the sound of impact that should tell you how strong the force was that made the Officer unconscious and unresponsive. “a sound of a tire blowout and an 18-wheeler truck crashed” as described by one of the witnesses of the accident. Imagine that.

As a wife of a Police Officer, I can only put my spirit at ease when my husband retires in four years time….

Grandmother-Grandson Relationship

‘I’m in love with my grandson and we’re having a baby’

What a curse of fate for two people who just met and are genetically related to each other mistakenly say they fell in love with each other the moment they met? Worse, the woman is way way older than the guy and guess what? She’s the grandmother for heaven’s sake! Where is your moral America? How could these people be falling in love?

I can’t explain nor understand what these two are thinking I mean it’s just absurd, you know? It got me wondering why of all people you choose to fall in love with why choose your own blood and flesh while there are thousands of people out there to choose from? Why? Why?

You might be wondering what I am talking about here, well for you to understand just read on! It is a complete lunacy people, don’t you think? To think that you are in love with your grandmother and having a baby together… they are mentally ill I should say! It’s a very disturbing story and they deserve to be cursed by nature and by God. Stories like these are just hard to stomach and hearing this one makes me puke!

‘From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship,’ Pearl remembers happily. ‘For the first time in years I felt sexually alive.’

‘Making love to Pearl was a real eye-opener. It was love combined with all this sexual tension that had been building up,’ Phil openly explains.

Pearl Carter is positively glowing with joy. She has a handsome new boyfriend, is enjoying an active sex life after many years of celibacy and, amazingly, is preparing to become a mother again.

But the retired grandmother isn’t carrying the baby herself. She and her young lover have spent a staggering $54,000 hiring a surrogate to help them with their dreams of having a child.

What makes Pearl’s decision to become a mum again even more shocking is that her new boyfriend is her biological grandson, 26-year-old Phil Bailey.

Phil is the son of Pearl’s daughter Lynette Bailey, and the pair is braving public horror and even prison by breaking one of the last taboos – incest.

However, the pair makes no apologies for their controversial plan to start their own family.

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