He Remembers Me On My Birthday

In my mind ahhhhhh it’s just my birthday, no big deal so I was very okay to receive nothing from my better half but his birthday greeting. And when he came home yesterday afternoon from work he actually had something for me. A birthday funny card and hmmmmm a Best Buy gift card worth $200. I did not expect that at all. That was so nice of him. Maybe he wants me to change my two-year old cellphone now? Hmmmm let me find the right phone for me that has ¬†GPS in it because I find it accurate rather than using the Tom Tom unit I already have.

Any recommendations out there as to what brand or model should I get? I don’t want an extra special phone I just want something that has games and a GPS in it, also we are on AT&T by the way. I tried browsing on BestBuy.com but I get confused easy for there are too many phone models that to me all look pretty and nice. Can I get them all? Lol.

Anyway, I am not in a hurry to spending my gift card soon for it has no expiration date. I might just have to wait for big Holidays to come when BestBuy offers huge markdowns on electronics and gadgets.

What The Wife Wants, The Wife Gets It

I don’t consider myself spoiled brat wife. I just know what I want and when I need it. I really wanted a GPS navigator system to use for my meeting with my friend this coming Friday and since it’s Mother’s day today, I make it sure that I will get what I need. Thanks to the husband for this great invention that leads me to places to hangout with friends.

He bought me a Tom Tom GPS Via 1535TM. We chose to go to Fry’s Electronics in Arlington hoping we could make a deal on this one but little did we know, the store would cost us $40 dollars more than in Best Buy and Amazon. Shocks! Too late if we are gonna return the item they’ll charge us 15% restocking fee. Anyway, I am happy I now have a GPS and it can put to use this Friday. I am getting excited here!


Valentine’s Day Surprise

I was completely surprised with my husband today. He handed me a Gordon Jewelers bag. In the bag are a heart necklace and a Valentine’s card. I didn’t expect the gifts at all. I thought it is no longer “uso” for we’ve been married for a couple years and that he might put this sweet deed aside.
What shocked me is that when I opened the jewelry box I found the necklace I was eyeing on days ago. I almost bought it for myself for it is too pretty. I am glad I did not do it, somebody did..hehe my husband got it for me how awesome! Thanks to the most wonderful husband alive! He never ceases to surprise me.
Also I am so touched of the message in the card. I thought he always picked the right kind of card that brings warmth to my heart.

A Day Before Valentine’s Day

Today is February the 13th, a day before Valentine’s day apparently lol. My husband and I don’t talk about it, I don’t even have a plan or something to give to him. For me, Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal nor it is a very special occasion to really spend money on to something. So what if I don’t receive presents or treat to dinner for V.D? Anyway, it feels like everyday is a Valentine’s day for me having him in my life. He always look after for his family’s welfare and that is enough for me to think everyday is a special day for me and to all of us as long as we shall be together until the end of time!

Father’s Day Photos

I had one of the best days of my life with my family today as we celebrated the Father’s day. First off, I had Jadyn brought our gifts to her daddy and she opened it for him… a father’s day card and a blow up picture of them in the garden hugging tight then we went to church afterwards…
I had my husband with me and Jadyn in church. For the longest time since Jadyn was baptized in the Philippines my husband went to church with us! How awesome. After the mass, we took few photos of us outside the church and headed to the Chinese restaurant for a lunch treat for Father’s day. I felt good knowing that my treasured family are together on a day like this. I am blessed, so blessed having them in my life!
We ended our day by finalizing the set up of Jadyn’s room with all the newly painted furniture in it. Will post photos on Jadyn’s blog after this.

Here are the shots we took before and after church and in the restaurant…

I Already Have A Plan

It’s Father’s day tomorrow and I already have a plan for the father in this house. My baby girl and I are going to church at 11 so we need to wake up earlier than our usual waking time. But before leaving in the house, I would love to have baby girl to bring our Father’s day presents to her daddy so he can open it with his girl next to him and take a picture of them together.
I would only tell what the presents are tomorrow evening. He might have an idea what it’s gonna be but even so it will still be special for him to make him feel that all his support, love and care to his child and his family are appreciated. They are just so simple gifts but heartily given!! Hope he likes them!
Back to my plan, after church I would treat my husband to a restaurant, my treat so he can’t say no to my invitation. I wouldn’t even let him pay for the tip because as I say, it’s my treat so he doesn’t need to spend a dollar for our lunch tomorrow as we celebrate his day!

A Mother’s Day Treat

We had our Mother’s Day lunch date at our favorite Chinese buffet yesterday. We did it ahead of time to dodge the Mother’s day crowd today. So thoughtful of my husband for treating me out for a crab. He knows how crazy I am with crabs that is for sure. Not only I got my crab but I got to eat some seafoods I so wanted to eat for so long. I know I can make them at home but it is different when cooked at the restaurant. So simple is the celebration but it meant more than anything else to me. I celebrated it with the most wonderful people in the world, my family!
You’ll see below I am out of the picture. I didn’t feel like taking picture of myself yesterday instead took pictures of my husband and the baby…

……when I took this one, I told them it’s supposed to be Mother’s day not Father’s day lol…

…….photo above is our baby girl with her desserts

…… oh lala..my crab legs…the highlight of the day and below more seafoods and veggies for the preggy mother. Jadyn saw the crawfish and said yuck, roaches!

Church On Easter

I haven’t been to church since I came back from my vacation in the Philippines and that was 3 months ago. My soul hungered for God’s word and love, my flesh needed food to keep me going. I could no longer hold it so I needed to have something to strengthen me so my spirit can continue to live and the cure for hunger and thirst is for me to visit the church. Asked for forgiveness for not being able to hear spiritual food, God’s word that is for so long and now I am good.
I should have no excuse in going to church for we live close to church. But how come I let several Sundays to pass by to realize that I missed the food for my soul? Easter Sunday, Jesus has risen and resurrected and I was there! Thank You Lord for giving me the strength and worship you today. I feel fulfilled spiritually now that I was able to celebrate Easter with You.

Our Valentine’s Date

It’s not the material things you receive or where you go for a date that makes it grand, it’s the thoughts that your better half invested for making your Valentine’s Day a wonderful one. It’s what he does for you on lover’s day that made it so touching on your day.
So nice of the husband for taking us out to dinner for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t expecting that all. I am flattered, honestly. My Valentine’s day was a well-spent day with my sweet family. We didn’t do anything fancy just a trip to a Chinese Bistro Restaurant and it’s his sweet gestures that mattered to me and that makes me fall in love with him over and over again not just on Valentine’s Day but during ordinary days in our marriage. Plus the fact that I am with my husband, I can feel him, touch him, hug him, kiss him that completes the day. God is good, He sent the man that is more than what I asked for.

Another Year Older

My better half celebrated his 54th birthday last November 12 but I just now posted his photos for some reason. To him, his birthday doesn’t matter and that he hates it. I told him that he should be thankful he has had another year to celebrate his life. He probably doesn’t like the idea that he’s getting old but for me it is just okay because that only means he is still alive.