Restless Me

My life is not easy as you think it is. I do have two kids around here and got little to no help in this house because the husband is working. When it’s his day off, I don’t want to bother him much with the kids but if it is really needed, I would ask his help.

As I am writing this, the little one is in her crib crying, wanting to be picked up by mommy. I am tired. I haven’t had a nap today. I tried getting it but before I could forget the world for a while, there she was… she woke up just when I was about to sleep. Arggssssssss! What a life!

I would be very lucky to have someone from the Philippines to help me with my kids. It would be years before my sister can come join us here but I am hopeful she will eventually can come to America. Gotta go, Megan is out of control… it’s getting annoying hearing her cry for no reason and I know full well, it is just a fake cry just to get mommy’s attention.

Because I’m Busy

Because I’m busy I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my kids especially to my husband knowing that it’s his day off since yesterday, I feel guilty about it. We can only have time four ourselves or as married couple during the weekend but hey, please understand me right now because I am trying to set up my blogs to their normal state again.

As you can see, this blog has its new layout, newly transferred domain and hosting. For days of working with blogs I still feel like I am not halfway of my job. I am already so stressed out with these things, lost my sleep for nights and most of all I am losing weight.

I hope the husband understands me of what I am doing. He has to make a little sacrifice for now. I will just make up with him next weekend, you know what I mean?

Whatever Makes Him Happy

My husband has worked for FWPD for twenty years now. He has helped put criminals or bad people in a place they belong, he helped stranded helpless families, stopped a robber in 2003, been a good Samaritan to those who need his help.. I can go on and on of the good things a police officer like him have done to his community but I don’t wanna bore you with that.
There is one thing he told me yesterday that kept me thinking until now. It is something about his career. If he is gonna push through of his dream, I would gladly support him if that makes him happy. He will be paid more for it but not much but he’s got to fulfill his dream before he retires. But once he is in it, there is a possibility he works long irregular hours, works five times a day (he currently does 4 days a week, ten-hour shift) and possibly no day-off at all. I’m a little concern how it is going to affect our family, there’ll be less dada’s presence in the house that means less family time. Surely, we will miss him here.
I don’t want to be the reason of him not pursuing in taking the test, but like he said, he doesn’t wanna retire a police officer, he wants more than that, a more challenging job to help solve cases that’s been cold for a while. He said, he is going to take a test to become one and hopefully when the office opens the position, he can get in if he pass the test.
In the Philippines, for you to get promoted, you should be appointed by someone who is higher rank or position than you do. If everybody approves of your qualification and you deserve the job, you will get promoted. Unlike here in America, if you want to climb up to the highest position like in the policing, you take the test and once you pass, you’ll be promoted. That is exactly what my husband is going to do in the next several weeks or months. Hopefully, he’ll pass as I have so much faith in him, he’s an intellectual guy and I believe in him. But…….. family time will be affected… I am happy where we are at in our marriage right now… I just hope, his new career wouldn’t affect us.