Broken Marriage

I knew that wedding we attended six years ago wouldn’t last forever. I saw how sweet and loving the bride and groom were but at the back of my mind, their marriage wouldn’t last for a long time.

Six years later…. just yesterday the husband told me that the groom “used to be his friend” has several police records. He ran his name on his computer and there he found an ex-friend’s name arrested for hitting his wife, not just once but several records were found.

Their situation must be very bad for they are in the point of hitting and hurting each other. Where’s the love there? Screwed up people.

Psychic Reading

I was once so into psychic reading from my origin country. As long as it is free, me and my friends would look for someone who is gifted to foretell our love life’s future, money, family or anything that has something to do with our future.

When I arrived in the US, consulting to a psychic reading has been made easier and faster for I can just go to the internet and find a really good psychic reader that could provide me honest, concise, detailed and most of all real answers of my questions.

I think I found a new psychic reading website which I would like to try. I am pretty certain my friend back home would be happy to know this because she has got a lot of questions pertaining to her love life as to why she is still single until now, she always loses her boyfriend for no reason, etc. Of course this is free so I would really like her to try this one out.

If you happen to come across this blog and is looking for a personal love advisor, please refer the link provided above and start using their service so you will have predictions for next year that will get you inspired with your life.

Remember This Four Things


These are four important things we should always remember, if you screw up any of them… the scar will forever be there although time heals all wounds…

Woman’s Expression Men Should Know


If you are a man and happens to be in a serious relationship with a woman, when she says these words… you should know what they mean…

When Relationship Goes Wrong

I came from the country where we value marriage as sacred and for that most Filipino marriages bound to last forever. Since I am married to an American man, my only prayer is for our marriage to last and be an example by many especially those Filipinas who dream of marrying foreigners too. I feel like it is my goal to make our happy marriage to be as it is until forever. I will be thankful to God for giving me my dream marriage although admittedly we experienced some bumps, highs and lows in our marriage along the way.

As for other people, unfortunately they have to face the dreaded divorce for some specific reasons. If you are one of those that thinks it is no longer healthy to stay in an unhappy marriage and are living in the Solano, Napa and Yolo counties, please get a vacaville divorce attorney to help you get out of the mess you are in. Yes, there is help waiting for you if you are willing to be helped.

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Why Marry A Filipina?

I posted this short article I got from it’s original source, on Facebook and I received so many LIKEs for it on my wall. It is very true that is why more and more Westerners are looking for Filipina brides for there are more to a Filipina when it comes to being a wife, a mom and most of all partner in life. If you want the most understanding wife, marry a Filipina so simple and easy. But be careful though, not all Filipinas have clear intentions as to why they marry foreigners but for those who are serious about having a good marriage, they/we are faithful and take care of our family especially the children.

ONE OF THE REASONS WHY MARRY A FILIPINA: Most Filipino women grew up as Catholics who believe that marriage is a sacrament. As a sacrament, it needs to be respected and preserved. A marriage with a Filipina is bound to last forever when you marry her because of love and of course when you also do your share to make things work. It takes two to tango, as they say, and a Filipina makes a good partner when you dance the music of love.

When you begin to appreciate the desirable qualities of Filipino women, you will not wonder anymore why marry a Filipina when there are plenty of beautiful roses in the garden.

When You Know Your Marriage Is Over

When It’s Just Another Fight, and When It’s Over is such an interesting article I read today. Thanks to the original source, I am able to share some of the good advice when you know your marriage is over.

People have various reasons why they choose to let their long years of marriage go. If things go wrong, they often turn to divorce which I now understand deeply why. Both married couple should know when their marriage is over and by then, it is either they seek advice from therapists for marriage counseling or go the other way. Consider the following tips below if you are in this situation and I hope this help you a bit.

Time to End the Relationship?
And if so, how do you break the news in a way that does the least emotional damage? Marriage therapists offer advice:

• Peer into the future. Talk to a lawyer and an accountant, research what an apartment would cost, ask a real-estate agent to estimate a sale price for your house, says Susan Pease Gadoua, a licensed social worker who specializes in helping couples with relationship strife. ‘You will either become energized or depressed,’ she says, ‘and that will be telling.’

• Tell your spouse early. As soon as you start losing your commitment to the relationship, speak up, therapists say. ‘Bring up divorce when you still don’t want it,’ says Bill Doherty, director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project.

• Do therapy on a trial basis. If you think your marriage could be salvaged, find an objective professional and agree on a trial period, typically six months to a year.

• Expect the worst. Anticipate that your spouse will be shocked and behave badly. Regardless, listen calmly—for more than one conversation—to give your spouse a chance to respond.

• Stick around. If you’re the one leaving, don’t move out or cut off contact too quickly. Some therapists even suggest continuing to live together for two to six months, if that’s what your spouse wants, to ease the transition, Ms. Gadoua says.

Perfect Pair Made In Heaven

Now I know why I shed so much tears before with my experiences with men. God knew how much I wanted for someone who will accept me for who I am, accepts me of my flaws and not try to change me. Thank You,Lord…thank You!

It is not everyday we meet people like that so when we do, we must embrace them, nourish and nurture them in our lives for when they are gone…they are gone forever!

In our marriage, I see no skin color, I see no age… instead…I see a love that is pure and real. A true companion that I can really count on during tough times… And most of all I see my future which I am living  right now… and I am certain this is forever.

20 Romantic Things to Do in Small Spaces

Some people love to do crazy yet sexy things together. Read all these cute things that you can do together in small places and tell me how crazy are you if you have done some of these.

1. Go through revolving doors together
2. Take a road trip in a VW “Love Bug”
3. Have silly pictures of the two of you taken in a photo booth
4. Join her in the dressing room while lingerie shopping
5. Make love in restroom aboard a plane in flight
6. Relax together in a Jacuzzi
7. Make love in a closet at a friend’s party
8. Sleep spoon-style in a single bed
9. Squeeze into phone booths together
10. Camp-out in a tent together
11. Make love in the back seat of a car
12. Travel in a train’s sleeper car
13. Attend movie theaters that have “loveseats”
14. Sit side-by-side in booths at little diners
15. Make love in an elevator
16. Go on vacation aboard an RV
17. Hold a picnic in a tree fort
18. Make love in the back of a limousine
19. Take a relaxing bubblebath together
20. Make love in a sleeping bag