Free Shipping Reviews: Awesome Return Policy

Each Christmas I like to ship gifts to relatives living out of state, but I could never find a free shipping website to make the process more cost-efficient. As a result I wouldn’t send out as many gifts as I would have liked. But one day I came across while browsing online and… I love it. Why? For starters, it is owned by Clarus Marketing Group, a 10 year running company based in Connecticut that owns websites geared to save customers money – a sure sign that it is a legitimate.  Each package you order gets shipped in an instant; it is incredible service. Also there is a 30 day free trial. Yes, I said the magic word. Free. And if you are somehow dissatisfied with the website, you can cancel at anytime – it’s a win-win situation.

The best part about the website is its awesome return policy. Usually, if someone is not happy with something they bought – the texture, the size, the content – that person is responsible for paying the return shipping fee. It is quite a pain. pays the return fee for you. This is especially important to me because I have family members that are extremely picky, and they will not hesitate to show their distaste for a gift.

For my son’s birthday (he’s five years old), I gave him a WWE action figure. I know how much he loves wrestling so buying him a wrestling toy, in my mind, was the perfect idea. Boy was I wrong. As soon as he opened his gift, he started to cry. Turns out, he just wanted a football for his birthday. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to waste any more money returning the toy.

A few months ago, for my mom’s birthday, I bought her some shoes that she saw in a catalogue and had them shipped to her house – a beautiful pair of black dress shoes with a red line encasing each sole. My mom was elated to see my gift arrive at her door step, but after rushing to open the package and trying on the shoes she realized they were a size too small. With the free shipping return policy at hand, it was easy to return the shoes and getting her a pair with the right size.

Currently, I have had the subscription for over a year, and to this day I still have no free shipping complaints. Who could really complain for a shipping service that charges only $12.97 a month? Most things that I pay for on a monthly basis are bills – electricity, cell phone, car insurance; isn’t a bill, it’s a monthly investment in saving money.

What The Wife Wants, The Wife Gets It

I don’t consider myself spoiled brat wife. I just know what I want and when I need it. I really wanted a GPS navigator system to use for my meeting with my friend this coming Friday and since it’s Mother’s day today, I make it sure that I will get what I need. Thanks to the husband for this great invention that leads me to places to hangout with friends.

He bought me a Tom Tom GPS Via 1535TM. We chose to go to Fry’s Electronics in Arlington hoping we could make a deal on this one but little did we know, the store would cost us $40 dollars more than in Best Buy and Amazon. Shocks! Too late if we are gonna return the item they’ll charge us 15% restocking fee. Anyway, I am happy I now have a GPS and it can put to use this Friday. I am getting excited here!


Mommy Bought Herself A Lot Of Good Stuff For Mother’s Day

Packages have been arriving at our door step this week. While it’s good to see them I am somewhat feeling a bit guilty for spending too much lately. I may not be as shopaholic as you think I am but deep inside there is this guilty pleasure in me. So what? I deserve them all, aren’t I?

I received two packages today, one from the Firmoo glasses and the other one is from I tell you, those are pretty good and sweet stuff that I really love especially the sunglasses. They are all pretty and I loved my choices because they came out really good and fit good in me. Photo pictured below is just one of the ten pairs I got today, yupzie. To see more of these glasses, click on each of my blog for I posted one in each just in case you are curious how pretty the glasses are.


Magnetic Poetry for Kids

Here’s one new discovery I found online this morning, the Magnetic Poetry for kids that would encourage my four-year old child to be more engaged in reading and in poetry. She loves books but it would be beautiful if she can have one of these cool high tech thingy appropriate for her age. Going to browse more on this later as my baby is starting to cry now wanting to be picked up.

Babysitting For 3 Hours

I had a really good break from the baby for three hours today. My first born and I went to the mall and shopped for clothes (stuff I bought mostly for me). I asked my husband if he can babysit baby Megan so I can have a break for I feel suffocated inside the house. It was also a sort of bonding with my first born, when we are at home I don’t give her much attention and I feel like she is getting jealous now.

When I go out to shop I always bring the first born with me for she is such a shopper, she would never complain if I stay in one corner of the store for a couple of minutes or if I take too long picking some clothes, she would not complain walking too much nor bug me to go home. She is my partner in shopping, I tell you.

Hundred thanks to my husband who understood his wife. Not only he babysit our second baby but he drove us to the mall also even though he didn’t feel like doing it. I only forced him because I wasn’t willing to drive to high traffic area for the fact I don’t have my DL yet. So there he went, sending and picking us up to and from the mall hehe. Lucky me for having a husband who wouldn’t say no to his wife.

Supper Wife And Mommy Me

Me and my kids had an early start of our day today. We left at the house at 7:30 this morning to Walmart. It is way too early and unusual for us to be going out that hour but I had to beat the rain. When I woke up it was very dark outside, dark clouds were rolling in fast as if it was ready to rain. I wasted no time and drove to Walmart, picked up the money and shopped for milk and other stuff. I doubt if we stayed an hour at the store.

After grocery shopping, I raced to the post office and mailed the package of handbags to a friend in Japan. We got home at past 9. Soon after I unloaded the grocery stuff, I turned on my computer and got back to the internet again contemplating, how did I do all that? I mean, it was too quick and I finished my errands soon without being rained on! Wooohooo… when there’s adrenaline rush, you can do things you needed to go in less than two hours.

It is amazing how I did all those things with kids in tow not having anybody around to help me out.

Traps To Avoid When Shopping At The Mall

Another great article that I’d like to share here from Yahoo. This was written by a Yahoo contributor. I don’t want to miss posting it here to for I know a lot of people or most women love to shop and they would like to grab the chance or the opportunity when they can in order to save money but little do they know, most of what the mall is offering are just traps. Read and so you can learn something from this informative article here.

Delayed Coupon
A recent shopping trap involves giving customers a coupon at the end of a purchase. The coupon may become active in the next day, week or month, tempting shoppers to return and buy more than they had initially planned. This shopping trap can be avoided by searching for online coupons that can be applied that very day and then bringing them along.

Scratch Cards
Another gimmick that mall stores have been using recently is scratch cards reminiscent of lottery scratch cards. To lure shoppers into the store, the scratch cards are handed out to passersby. There are no losing cards, which grants everyone the joy of a win. And once the shopper enters the store with a $5 scratch card, he is likely to fall into the shopping trap of buying something he wasn’t planning on buying that day at all.
Save 15% on $75
Coupons that only come into effect when the consumer spends enough money are becoming more and more common in mall stores. Typically, the offers are made to club members — shoppers who signed up to receive coupons in the mail. Though reserved for repeat customers, such coupons present an obvious shopping trap, one that’s irresistible to someone who likes that store enough to become a club member. Seasonal shopping, four times a year, can help shoppers buy everything they need at one time and make use of such coupons only when they need them.
Save 15% Today
There isn’t a store in a mall that doesn’t offer 15% at the time of checkout if you’ll apply for the store credit card. I’ve even come across instances when the proverbial “would you like to save 15% by applying for our card today?” has been replaced with a tantalizing “would you like to save 15%?” This shopping trap should be avoided for the simple reason that spending cash is psychologically more difficult than swiping a plastic card.
Cash Back or Rebate
Some store cards will offer you a rebate or cash-back bonus for every dollar you spend. Such bonuses are low, typically earning you $1 for every $1,000 spent, money which you can only spend by revisiting the store. Then, once back, you’re likely to spend far more than your measly rebate.
Up to 50% Off
Mall stores often try to lure us in with tempting sale signs, such as 50% off. But when words like “up to” or “no more than” come before or after the number, the appeal changes drastically. Then, it’s easy for us to fall into the shopping trap of paying a higher price, especially since the item we’ve spent time choosing is probably on sale too, though not for the higher (poster-perfect) amount. To avoid this shopping trap, read all signs carefully.
Buy 1 Get 1 at 1/2 Price
I’ve found this shopping trap in a wide range of mall stores. The buy 1 get 1 free promotion is one we’re all so familiar with that stores use it to get our business. This can become a shopping trap when the second item is not actually offered for free but for half its price. Mall signs will typically present the “half price” in small numbers that can easily be missed or mistaken for shorthand for buy 1 get 2. Once more, the way to avoid this shopping trap is to read signs carefully or ask the store clerk for clarification.

Sale Rack Misfit
Sale racks may be great for bargain hunters, but they can also be terribly disappointing when a full-price item accidentally ends up on them. Rather than try on clothing you may be unable to afford, it is best to compare the price tags of surrounding items on a sale rack. Most likely, sale items will have a sticker on them to indicate the price reduction. The full-price misfit will then become glaringly obvious.
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Yeah! Abercrombie Baby!

Woohooo my two shirts I ordered online on Abercrombie and Fitch store is coming to my way. It has been shipped and I can’t wait to try them on. I am always hesitant shopping at A&F because normally their shipping is a burden, it cost as much as the item you bought. Couple of times I attempted buying their clearance but I ended up closing the window upon check out seeing the choking shipping fee but this time I persuaded my order and voila! I can have two new Abercrombie shirts soon! I love A&F so much that whenever I wear one, I take pride in it not because of the brand name and the price but because the comfort of the clothing it gives me.