Our Post Valentine’s Celebration 2014

We had such a great post Valentine celebration with my family at a Korean Restaurant nearby. Just like the usual, we ate out! Food at the restaurant was good. It was worth what we paid for and to think that it was a treat from my husband, that made it even greater.

We ended our day with an awesome movie at home. We watched the entire Iron Man 3 with our girls that made kept them interested finishing to the end. All in all, I could say, it was simple yet glorious celebration for us as a couple and as a family.

Here is a photo of us for remembrance of this year’s Valentine’s as well as the Korean food trip we had last night. Thankful to the Lord above for having to spend Valentine’s to my partner in life. Looking forward for more Valentine’s Day celebration in the future.

It is during special occasions that I realized how blessed and thankful I am for not all couples I know have made it this far of their marriage and celebrate Heart’s day together…

 photo vd_zps369885a3.jpg
 photo vd1_zpscfe54cb2.jpg

He Makes My Life Easier

What else could I ask for if everything that needs to be done has been done already by the husband? Such an easy life to live having a husband who does things only him can accomplished. Things like getting the car fixed (nasuyakan), change oil, renew the registration and stickers, sent/picked up our first born to and from school. All these were done on his very first day off last Friday so I didn’t have to do them.

He may not know it but I so appreciate what he did. He is such a responsible husband, he thinks what is good for his family and really knows what to do for the better of his family. Thank God for the man that he is. Since day one I met him online until almost 8 years later, he is still the man I have known him from the beginning.

A Change Of Mind

So sweet of him! I truly do appreciate my husband for setting his family first before anything else in this world. He changed his mind not to take the test anymore to promote himself to becoming a detective instead stick to his career as a police officer until he retires.
Becoming one would be such a big change and a fulfillment of his career, might a pay a bit more but not much but losing so much time for his family. It was his dream to become a detective but considering all the sudden change and big impact it could cause to our family, he changed his mind. He would come home late tired and grumpy, less time to rest, less time with his kids, he would miss me, I would miss him etc… are the worst things we both think about.
He just doesn’t know how thankful and glad I am he is more concern of his family than his career. He devoted himself selflessly to us and I should be very very happy with that. I am one lucky wife to have found such an amazing partner in life and a great father to our kid/s.

All Things Beautiful

All things colorful and beautiful in Spring. With good people surrounding me, I couldn’t be more happier. As long as we are together, healthy and strong. Aw what a wonderful life I have. Thank to the Lord above for giving me this dream I used to have. Beautiful baby, devoted husband make my life complete. I am blessed, indeed!