Celebrated Our 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

Hoorah to us! We’ve made it to ten years of our marriage still happy and committed to each other. It is a 2-day celebration for us. We did not go out on the actual day of our anniversary because it was a school day although my husband took a day off but we decided to go out on a weekend which happened yesterday and today.

We took our girls to Mainstay Farm as what we have already planned. We had such a blast there, plenty of great outdoor activities for the kids that really got them into using their energy. We make a tradition that we take a family photo each passing anniversary so, we made sure before we leave the farm, we will have our family photo which we did.

Second day was today, we went out to DSW shoe store and grabbed me two pairs of shoes, a pair of Nike running shoes (this is to encourage me to walk/workout someday, for now I will just let them sit in the closet) and flat Tommy Hilfiger sandals, after DSW, we headed for a dinner at a Hibachi and Sushi Japanese restaurant nearby. Weekend well spent with the family, I shall say!

Thankful to God for giving us another fruitful year of our marriage. Nothing is more consoling than a husband who said, “cheers to us for a happy marriage”. It makes me glad inside even we’ve been together for a decade, he still feels that way! Marriage is hard work. It takes two to tango, if one fails, then I don’t think it will work.

 photo MainstayFarm010_zps8a03b023.jpg

… us before dinner, photo below…
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I Trusted God with My Future

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Looking back 10 years ago or so, I was one lonely girl who wanted nothing but marry an American. I wanted to be a mother, to be a wife and build a family. Sounds pretty easy for some but finding the right person definitely the hardest part. I was determined and did not give up.

I remember, I had to sacrifice not eating my snacks in school (sucking up my own saliva watching my classmates having their cold coke and bread), walk from home to school so I could save up some money for my long chats every Saturday and took advantage of the free internet hour at a school computer lab. If I go to internet cafes, it cost me $25 with webcam. Back then, I had no job, I was a full-time college student, my parents didn’t give me extra for chats so I really had to save my own money so that I can have something to use for chats. 25 pesos an hour was pretty expensive for me. I joined several online dating sites, met countless men in person from all over the world, got heart-broken three times, waited 4 years before I met my ex-fiance (now my husband).

I still remember vividly when I came home every after chat from the internet cafe and didn’t have a good chat, I would sob myself to tears and just feeling I was in the dark. I even questioned God if I could ever find that man who can complete my life. I did not tell anybody what I was going through. I just kept chatting until one day, this man from Cherryblossoms named Sandy sent an email to me.

From then on, we became constant chatmates, engaged, got married and happily married for over 9 years (story of how our relations begun can be read HERE). So, the reason why I am writing this today is because, to constantly remind myself that MY BIG PRAYER HAD BEEN ANSWERED. Had I not trusted God, would I live my dream life I am living today?

I can attest to what the bible verse above for I have experienced it, I am a living witness of God’s promise and intention for my life. Now I know why I didn’t get married to one of those guys I met in the past for He had better plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future.

I am living my life exactly how I pictured out ten years ago! I am happy, satisfied and contented. Thank God for giving me this kind of life. Thank God for giving me a fruitful marriage, for giving me a husband who has been wonderful since day one, for the healthy and beautiful children and for the privilege  of being able to stay at home to take care of my family. For the skills of blogging and couponing for they enable me to contribute to our family and my family in the Philippines.

This is my own definition of “success”. For me success is not about fame and spotlight, it is about achieving your dreams in life, the life you wanted to live and being happy with the people that surround you.


He Makes My Life Easier

What else could I ask for if everything that needs to be done has been done already by the husband? Such an easy life to live having a husband who does things only him can accomplished. Things like getting the car fixed (nasuyakan), change oil, renew the registration and stickers, sent/picked up our first born to and from school. All these were done on his very first day off last Friday so I didn’t have to do them.

He may not know it but I so appreciate what he did. He is such a responsible husband, he thinks what is good for his family and really knows what to do for the better of his family. Thank God for the man that he is. Since day one I met him online until almost 8 years later, he is still the man I have known him from the beginning.

Summer Blues

I hate this feeling I have right now. Last night I slept myself to bed crying. Summer blues as what I call it. I am missing home, I miss seeing certain places in my homeland plus the same old daily routine makes me feel bored at times. I feel all alone sometimes even though I have my two kids here with me everyday while the husband is at work. It is because they don’t share the same emotion I have…

I feel like no one or nobody understands me even if I voice it out. I guess I just have to bear this all summer eh? I’ve been living here in the US for over six years yet I am still feeling homesick around this time of year. Why oh why homesickness won’t leave me alone?

A Husband That Listens

I am only 11 days away of my 29th birthday and the only thing I wanted to do is for my husband to drive me to the Grapevine Mills mall. I asked him a favor, driving to the mall, that is… and he listened. That is all I wanted for my birthday. I asked a favor from my husband in a way that he couldn’t say no, lol!

I asked him this way, “Lalabs, since it’s my birthday this month, I don’t want anything or something else but I want you to do me a favor.” And he asked and after I told him what I wanted to do, he listened and today we drove off to the mall which is 30 minutes away from where we live.

I am just a simple person and easy to please. By hearing my wishes that made me happy and I am okay if we don’t do anything  or I won’t receive something on my birthday because I have done what I wanted to do for a long time. Thanks to the husband that listens to the wife’s plea, lol!

“Mama” Is Her First Word

Nothing is more flattering than hearing your baby’s first uttered word, “Mama”. Baby M can now say the word. Her dada must have taught her very well for she learned it very quickly at age 8 months. Babies usually find it easy to say the word, ‘pa rather than mama. Thanks to the dada for consistently teaching our baby M with the “mama” word.

It would be so unfair on mother’s side if the baby would call his/her daddy first before the mother for it is the mother that takes good care of her children, look after their needs, give them tender loving care and most of all it is the mother that attends sick children, works 24/7 without a day off, leave or compensation. But despite all these, it’s baby’s laughter that could pay back the mother of all her hardwork she’s done to her baby/kids.

Restless Me

My life is not easy as you think it is. I do have two kids around here and got little to no help in this house because the husband is working. When it’s his day off, I don’t want to bother him much with the kids but if it is really needed, I would ask his help.

As I am writing this, the little one is in her crib crying, wanting to be picked up by mommy. I am tired. I haven’t had a nap today. I tried getting it but before I could forget the world for a while, there she was… she woke up just when I was about to sleep. Arggssssssss! What a life!

I would be very lucky to have someone from the Philippines to help me with my kids. It would be years before my sister can come join us here but I am hopeful she will eventually can come to America. Gotta go, Megan is out of control… it’s getting annoying hearing her cry for no reason and I know full well, it is just a fake cry just to get mommy’s attention.

Having A Man Around

How nice it is to know having a responsible man around that can take care of things such as doing the plumbing, fixing broken fences, washing cars, driving me to the market, mows the yard, working hard in order to support the family etc. makes me the luckiest wife in the world. I am glad I married this man whom I call Lalabs for he’s a hard working and handy man.

There are things in this house that only a man can do. I can do the cooking, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floor, taking care of the girls, do the gardening but I can’t do how to fix the clogged drain. If it wasn’t the husband, I wouldn’t have a good drainage in the tub right now. For weeks, it was all clogged up and very slow… thanks to my husband for taking care of it. If the plummer gel didn’t work, he would hire a professional that would fix the problem…thank God it saves us from spending money on the plumber.

Riding With A Superhero

We had a close call to an accident last Sunday. We were going to the Filipino market at that time taking the busy service roads when all of the sudden this other driver driving a van just crossed the street without looking to an incoming traffic. My husband was driving at least 40 miles an hour and had very little time to act quickly. He was gonna go right but then the van continued crossing the street so the husband had to steer left. His driving skill and being in the law enforcement for 19 years was tested last Sunday with all his family riding with him in the car. It was the other driver’s fault for he failed to yield and gave us the right of way.
His wise thinking and quick maneuvering saved us from a disastrous accident. It could have slowed down our day and worst got stuck in a hot summer temperature with our little girls. I was thankful nothing happened to us, and thankful enough to the husband who at that time proved to us that he can take care of his family even in an unexpected circumstances.

A Change Of Mind

So sweet of him! I truly do appreciate my husband for setting his family first before anything else in this world. He changed his mind not to take the test anymore to promote himself to becoming a detective instead stick to his career as a police officer until he retires.
Becoming one would be such a big change and a fulfillment of his career, might a pay a bit more but not much but losing so much time for his family. It was his dream to become a detective but considering all the sudden change and big impact it could cause to our family, he changed his mind. He would come home late tired and grumpy, less time to rest, less time with his kids, he would miss me, I would miss him etc… are the worst things we both think about.
He just doesn’t know how thankful and glad I am he is more concern of his family than his career. He devoted himself selflessly to us and I should be very very happy with that. I am one lucky wife to have found such an amazing partner in life and a great father to our kid/s.