Elite Kitchen & Bath The Top Choice in Home Renovation

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Eminent Advertising for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, I am quite familiar when it comes to home renovation as we live in a 40-year old house that needs a lot of renovations. We have done quite a few in the past already but we lack of budget so some things are put on hold  for now. Anyway, when it comes to beautifying your home, first you must know which part of the house needs the urgent renovation or needs to be the top priority.  Once you know what to do already and you have the budget, time to search for a contractor that compose of professional team workers that will do the job for you. Be careful though because, a lot of crooks out there, pretending to be in the business but then they have hidden agenda other than fixing your house, I am saying this based on our own personal experience with the roofing company.

If you live in the New York area and are looking for a renovation service New York , you can check out Elite Kitchen & Bath on the internet. This company has earned its reputation as the top choice in home renovation, kitchen design and bathroom remodeling in the Greater New York area since they started doing business for almost 30 years now. With that being said, that should give you trust that this company is legit and can be trusted.

They have been serving the residents of New York, Long island and surrounding areas for nearly three decades. Looking for a kitchen contractor New York? You can very well trust Elite Kitchen & Bath for that. Check out bathrooms New York for your bathroom renovations and all.

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Our Post Valentine’s Celebration 2014

We had such a great post Valentine celebration with my family at a Korean Restaurant nearby. Just like the usual, we ate out! Food at the restaurant was good. It was worth what we paid for and to think that it was a treat from my husband, that made it even greater.

We ended our day with an awesome movie at home. We watched the entire Iron Man 3 with our girls that made kept them interested finishing to the end. All in all, I could say, it was simple yet glorious celebration for us as a couple and as a family.

Here is a photo of us for remembrance of this year’s Valentine’s as well as the Korean food trip we had last night. Thankful to the Lord above for having to spend Valentine’s to my partner in life. Looking forward for more Valentine’s Day celebration in the future.

It is during special occasions that I realized how blessed and thankful I am for not all couples I know have made it this far of their marriage and celebrate Heart’s day together…

 photo vd_zps369885a3.jpg
 photo vd1_zpscfe54cb2.jpg

Goodnights to Help Keep Pajama and Bed Dry All Night

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites. All opinions are 100% mine.

So my toddler has been using this specific brand of underwear called GoodNites and I can honestly say, this is the only underwear that can put my mind at ease especially during the night when she is asleep. I bought her several brands from the past and leaking was my biggest problem. Getting  pee into a mattress is just gross and stinky. Once it soaked to the foam or mattress, you can only imagine the foul and strong odor of the pee. Bedwetting is such a big battle between moms and their children so I am pretty sure, a lot of mothers out there can relate to this.

Before when it is time to change my toddler's diaper, I would have to call her several times before she'd come and hear me so I can change her diaper into a clean one but when she started using Goodnites, just one time I say let's change your underwear, she would whole-heartedly obey me, why? Because of the girl design of the underwear. It has a tinkerbell design in it which is her favorite character. I love this underwear because of its plush comfort with a discreet design, which is good. It is also absorbent so no more bedwetting for her. Thank goodness.

You mothers out there should also give Goodnites a try. You can follow GoodNites Facebook page here to read and see the latest information about this awesome product. Also, you can engage in convesations and receive or offer advice in a private, trusting environment (the parent-to-parent network). Lastly, we can all sign up for the undercover mission online for the chance to win weekly prizes.

Use this code to enter: 8675 via FB page.  



 photo 1370327_10152213164769517_1838392872_n_zps658afb8a.jpg … baby girl is ready for bed with her favorite diaper on…  photo 1291465_10152213166084517_1901822705_n_zps0454dc1e.jpg

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Complete Protection With VIPRE

This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the news of internet hacking and exposing those sensitive information of the government, I can't help but be weary of my privacy also as an ordinary individual. I run at least several blogs too and what if they will get hacked one day and I won't be able to access my own accounts? 

I also heard from my fellow bloggers that their hosting company has been infiltrated with malicious programs and hackers has been causing problems with their sites/blogs. Now who do I trust? What sort of caution do I have to take or can I have a reliable internet security just so at least I feel protected against these evils?

Well, good thing I have VIPRE Internet Security installed on my computer. This somehow puts my mind at ease and less worries. VIPRE internet security is an award-winning anti-virus software that includes a firewall, a spam filter and website blocking into one powerful solution for complete protection against malware. Not only that, it also packed with sophisticated security features against viruses and malware threats without s lowing down my computer.

There are so many good features about this product that I can go on and on forever. If you want to try it, just go ahead and download it. It is so easy and it didn't take me long to download it on to my computer, easy to use and starts right away. 

One thing I like about this internet  security is that, their technical support is US based, so that means whenever I have problems, I can be assured that anytime I can contact them and for sure they will fully understand what I am going to say since they are based in this nation.

 photo vipre_zpse18f970f.jpg

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Gardenieres’ Fall Planting Inspiration

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

A friend of mine and her son visited us here yesterday. That was nice of them to decide to see us again. They always do that whenever they are in town, they never miss seeing us! Anyway, I brought this up because I receive a compliment from her of my roses blooming flowers in my front flower beds. She is one gardener too that is why she noticed my flowering plants out there.

Well, admittedly my beds are full of flowering plants and are blooming right now but one thing I want to do before the frost is to rearrange those plants, make them look neat, remove all the dead plants and most of all trim my roses. Thanks to Gardenieres for the tips I learned from them by watching the rose bush pruning and rose bush training with Gina Iliopoulos, I now have an idea how to do it and not harming my rose bushes.

Aside from working on those beds, I would also want to add more plants in pots just like the two in our front door which is oozing with lavender flowers. Although I noticed the other pot is not as big as the one that has a mixture of miracle-gro fertilizer in the soil. I was out of fertilizer that is why I did not put anything in the last pot I worked on.

It is a must mixing potting soil with miracle-gro to see the vibrant colors of flowers and for the plants to be more healthy and for continous feeding of plants up to six months. For those of you who love gardening, you may follow the Miracle-Gro Facebook page to talk with other gardeners.

(1) Miracle-Gro





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A Transformed Entertainment Room Will Improve The Mood For Everybody

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.

We live a simple life. We are definitely happy but it would be even better if the only place where my family spends most of our time will be transformed into a more cozy, beautiful and inviting entertainment room. This will definitely improve the mood for everybody. I can only do this once we are done with home improvement projects we plan of doing in our house. Thanks to Havertys: Discover Something You, they will be my guide to the transformation of our entertainment room. Of course I would like to be able to try to attend the events listed below at Haverty's near our area. The closest location is the one by Hulen.

September 15 Now Showing (designing an entertainment space), this one I don't want to miss because our entertainment or t.v room is dull and boring. Another place in the house that needs desperate help.

October 13 Seasonal Scapes, this would give me an idea how to design or add home decor best suited for Fall

November 10 Winter Colors (designing to incorporate Winter colors)

December  Finishing Touches (the completion of the room). Sounds pretty exciting to be able to attend all these events. 

It would be my dream come true if our house will be transformed and become organized and inviting. Just like a normal woman of the house, all she ever hope for is to have a nice house to live comfortably. Don't get me wrong, we are comfortable in this house but what I mean is for it to become simple but beautiful inside.



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Back-to-school BOGO At Famous Footwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

A lot of parents are heading out to the stores today and for the rest of the weekend trying to buy all the necessary stuff for their kids in preparation of start of school. Sometimes shopping around this time can make stores overcrowded which you don't like the thought of it but you had to go anyway. But personally, if I want to avoid this crowd, I would just do the shopping at the convenience of our own home through the internet. 

With that being said, shopping for shoes can be done online at Famous Footwear but of course you want to feel and touch the items in your hands so you might want to choose a time in going to the store when it is not so crowded yet and shop for shoes, if you are going this weekend please don't forget to print and redeem your BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon in-store between 8/2-8/18 only. It is a 15% off + BOGO (buy one, get one half off) offered by Famous Footwear to shoppers in order to save a bit of money. Well, shopping at this store would be easy for their store is not overwhelming. Customers can just get in and pick shoes for their kids and get out fast. Not forgetting, they have hundreds of brand name shoes and thousands of styles. 

Please don't miss this savings for it really saves you money plus if you join their free rewards program, shopping at Famous Footwear is even better because of these great benefits you can get. You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store and online, accumulate points to earn cerftificates of up to $100 a year, discount offer for just signing up. So hurry sign up now.



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AstroBrights Papers To Be Included In My Box To Be Sent To The Philippines

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

I chatted with my little sister on Facebook two days ago and I told her that I might send them a package this December. I already have a box full of contents and it is ready to be sent. One of the contents in the box are just ordinary short folders for my siblings who are still in school. They can use those folders for projects and other purposes. 

However, it would be best if I can also buy them AstroBrights papers come in 23 bright colors. Their teachers require different colors of folders and these are perfect for them I believe making the little children easy to compile their arts, school projects and drawings. I am so glad I found it before I could send the box.

Here in the US, students can support their elementary schools by entering "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes.  This enables them to win a cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the school of their choice. How awesome?  Another thing is that students can also participate their "Make Something Astrobright" design challenges and unleash kids' creativity for a chance to win Astrobrights Paper and other prizes.  It is easy to join by sharing your projects with pictures and video. Participants can do the sharing via Pinterest or Twitter by using the hashtag #goastrobrights.

I really believe these papers are what school teachers, students and other people who love doing crafts for it is unique. Why? Because they provide bright color canvas that is good for brochures, invitations, flyer, announcement and craft project. 

I encourage you all to join the sweepstakes above for the possibility of winning those awesome prizes awaiting for you!


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San Antonio, Texas A Perfect Place To Go This Summer

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE . All opinions are 100% mine.

It has been a while since we last visited our family friend in San Antonio. When my late father in-law was still alive we visited him  and his girlfriend once a month. Now that he is gone the person we rarely visit is his girlfriend who we now consider as a member of our family since her children do not visit her.

San Antonio is at least five hours drive away from here but we don't mind the distance because it is such a great place with a lot of things to do, tourist and historical spots for visitors to  see like the San Antonio Riverwalk, The Alamo, water parks namely; Schlitterban and Splashtown perfect for summer. 

Also San Antonio have its own two big theme parks a must-see for family with kids. They are the Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld. As for outdoor adventure visitors can experience the plants and animals of Africa and go on Safari, all these can be found in San Antonio. Those mentioned places are what we would like to go next time we can find time visiting there next time. 

If those sound fun to you and are planning your next vacation in San Antonio, please do so and try  SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience. They make it easy for you to find deals and discounts in San Antonio. Hurry now check out the link, deals for Limited Time Offers. Also, don't forget to follow SAVE on twitter for updates on deals, limited time offers and ideas to help plan your next trip @SAVEinSA

Sample 2-night stay in San Antonio

Day  1 —  check in at San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk Hotel (SAVE rates from $119-$249)

                   take the Alamo Sightseeing tours ($2 off for kids)

                   bring family to the Alamao IMAX Theatre River Center (FREE CHILD ADMISSION)

Day 2 —  visit  SeaWorld with SAVE  deals on family- four  packs, second day free and $10 off admission

                   San Antonio Zoo ($2 OFF)

                   play Laser Legend get a second game free 




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