Two Days into Our Anniversary

It is almost hard to believe that me and my husband have been married for almost 9 years. Just two more days and we will be celebrating the most important event in our lives. Yes, it has been that long already! I feel blessed for a happy and healthy marriage God intended us to have. Well, I should give credits firstly to God and secondly to my husband, he is such a good husband to me, he is easy to get along with and truly is a good man. If I didn’t marry a good man, I don’t think our marriage would last long.

The rings that I have been proudly wearing represent forever and never ending, I pray everyday that our marriage and the love we have for each other is never fading. Yes, I am excited for our anniversary. It is something I am so proud of achieving in my life because not all people stayed married this long and have a strong foundation like what we have.

We have plans what to do already. Plans for the entire family not just for us. While some couples enjoy their anniversary without their kids but I can’t imagine being out there just the two of us because we’ve always been together in every occasion. The kids just make the event more fun and exciting!

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Eight Years Later

Dreams do come true! Sounds like a famous line on fairy tale stories but yes, dreams do come true. I am one living proof of it. Who would have thought that we’ve gone this far in our marriage? We have over come trials and obstacles of our life together yet we were able to surpass them all.

Before there were just the two of us… and eight years later, there are five of us! Two beautiful girls areAL added to our family and one female dog, lol. Below photos are our post eighth year wedding anniversary dinner. Sorry for the very late post, I have been so busy here…

In case you wanna know how our marriage is? STRONG, HAPPY and THE REAL THING…


It’s Our 8th Wedding Anniversary!



Cheers to us for we are now officially 8 years of having a good marriage together! I am thankful to God for another blissful year in our marriage. Oh boy! It has been 8 years already since I married the man of my dreams. Ours isn’t perfect, there were some bumpy rides along the way, the not-so-nice hurdles financially and mostly those 8 years we have had some some pretty good moments we shared as a family.

Looking forward for more years to be together to prove to people who disapproved me because I’m a FOREIGNER! Little do they know, ours is real, special and genuine!


Around this time last year(Philippine time) we lost our dear father Elson to high blood pressure. It is a bittersweet day for me because forever I am going to celebrate two different occasions happened in the same day. Paaaaaaaaaa I hope you know we are thinking of you today and everyday of our lives. Celebrating the day you joined with the Lord in peace. Miss you so much Iyoooooooo namiya man lang gud ka ug kalit wa nagpaalam.


His Gift

I just finished wrapping up my gift for my husband for our anniversary. I am kind of counting the days ’till we turn six years in our marriage. I hope he likes what I’m gonna give him. I didn’t mind buying him this expensive thing for I seldom give him something…and when I do, I make sure it is nice and unique. Along with it is an anniversary card with long a message from my heart written into words.